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The four major differences between a £400 website and a £4000 website

By 8th December 2017January 2nd, 2021No Comments

1) The Return

Many great agencies can design websites, we do that too but at Tall Zebra Designs, the design stage is not our first step. Before we even put pen to paper our aims are to understand your business, your audience and your targets. As in our experience, no website will benefit from a quick fix, they require long-terms goals that grow and develop along with your business.

We often tell our clients that their new website should not be seen as a cost, but rather an investment. Like an investor, you are after a return on your money and in order to achieve this, you’ll need a website that has been planned with your goals in mind. Goals can range from online sales, general enquiries about your services or even the volume of traffic and user engagement.

A lot of the time, low cost websites are just quick fixes with no long-term goal. It’s a hit and hope approach with the one-off chance you’ll get an enquiry. At Tall Zebra Designs we don’t wait around for luck, instead we go out and create it. Our process is simple, we fully understand the client’s requirements and come up with a realistic marketing strategy based on their new website goals.


2) Quality

Remember, your website is a true reflection of you and your business online. If you’re trying to make a positive impact to your clients, competitors and employees, then you’ll need a team who can carry out quality work with thorough market research in design, technology and your industry.

A bad design can have a negative effect on your business and can sometimes put off users from engaging. Generally, bad designs are unresponsive and include; outdated fonts, heavy drop-shadows, outdated stock imagery, bold primary colours and are very hard to navigate. This is due to the work being rushed without any real thought or effort being put into the project. For example, if your website is outdated and looks unreliable, then your users might compare this to the standards of your products and services.

What you really want is your users to have a premium user experience that truly reflects your business professionally. A premium experience should make it very easy for the users to navigate on all devices. It should also include professional photography, on-page animations, hover effects, modern fonts, suitable colour palettes and a clean page structure. Quality work takes time and needs to include attention to detail, as it’s the little things that can make a big difference.


3) Support

The chances of gaining on-hand support from a cheap website is minimal.  Low-cost agencies/freelancers have one thing in mind, which is to make a quick profit and to close it off.

With no long-term relationship between the client and supplier it becomes very difficult for ongoing support. Subjects like trying to make updates, technical support or simply gather professional advice becomes almost impossible, as the supplier has already gained what they wanted.

At Tall Zebra Designs, we spend more of our time supporting our clients rather than the actual project completion. This is because we are not after dominating the digital world with thousands of websites, instead we want to help our current client base grow their business and be with them step-by-step to achieve their goal. This is because we see their success as our success.


4) Price

Yes, there is a big difference in price, but would you rather invest your money wisely or just throw it away? The chances are, when you pay for a cheap website, they do not last, nor make much of a return. This is due to the website looking un-trustworthy, whilst being difficult to find the required information in order to make a sale/enquiry.

If on the other hand you assign a larger budget to your project, this will enable qualified professionals to plan, research and execute a website that will deliver results and have a long-life span.


If you’re in need of a new website, would like to have your current website updated or would like to find out more on how we can help, then just get in touch today.