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How to brand your business’ social media and get more engagement

By 9th October 2020January 16th, 2023No Comments
Social Media Branding Chorley & Bolton

How often do you pay attention to your small business’ social media accounts? It’s possible that even if you’re posting every single day you might have missed something important – brand identity.

Inconsistent social media branding is a common mistake, along with posting too infrequently, posting generic content, aiming for the wrong person, or a ‘scattergun’ approach across too many social media platforms.

This is how to create effective (and beautiful!) social media branding.

Choose your colours and typography and stick to them

Branding has to be consistent. The way your account, posts, imagery, videos, and stories look should clearly come from your business. Whether you already have a nicely branded website or not, choose a design aesthetic, colour, and typography that’s ‘Your Brand’ and stick with it.

If you’re using free design tools like Canva you can easily insert fonts, filters, colours, and background images into your social media designs to create posts that are stylishly branded and fit your business’ look and personality.

Brand Design For Social Media

Have a dos and don’ts list for posting

You’d never see Tiffany & Co advertising its diamonds as anything less than luxury, just like you’d never see Aldi insist it’s more expensive than its supermarket rivals. Brands with clearly defined and recognisable personalities know who they are. You should know who you are too.

When it comes to your social media account, define what you do and don’t post. It could be that you only post imagery that has a certain aesthetic or has been shot from above, you keep things informal and relaxed with emojis and stickers, or you use clean neutrals and no bright colours. This will help to keep your branding consistent and when someone visits your Instagram or Twitter everything will fit satisfyingly with your brand identity and personality.

Consider your whole profile

It’s not just about what you post it’s where you post it. Your whole profile should be creatively branded, from who you follow to your grid (a.k.a your Instagram posts viewed as a whole). It’s very easy to get bogged down in individual posts and then forget what the whole picture looks like, so give your account a regular MOT and post with that in mind. You want people to keep scrolling if they land on your profile, not disappear.

Don’t neglect Stories/Reels

500 million people use Instagram Stories and the average user spends 28 minutes on the platform each day. Instagram’s Stories, and newly introduced Reels, are other places where you can get creative with your branding. They’re also handy for communicating more directly with your followers and customers, making announcements, showing how products are used, and sharing anything immediate that needs to stop people scrolling and swiping.

We can create brand guidelines unique to your business

Don’t know what your aesthetic is yet? We can show you. Take a look at our previous projects.

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