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Inspiring the next generation of graphic designers

By 26th October 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments
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With the ongoing turmoil of 2020, we’d be wise to assume that tomorrow’s graphic designers are taking a more tentative approach.

Ask the experts, however, and you might hear something different. Based on the views of our graphic designers in Chorley and Bolton, plus a few industry powerhouses, we’ve gathered some nuggets for the next generation.

Graphic designers are reimagining colour theory

The beauty of working in this industry is that rules are there to be broken, or at least twisted a little. Even laymen will know that reds evoke images of love and danger, will green signifies nature and growth.

In 2021, we expect to see designers challenging this – in particular, the traffic light system for calls to action. In a test conducted by Hubspot, it was actually red call-to-action buttons that outperformed greens for conversions. Likewise, brands are challenging the status quo of what they should be, including financial institutions daring to use multiple colours.

App design comes to the fore

Web design may reign supreme, but the rise of the UI designer is changing the face of modern branding. Apps are becoming more and more user-centric, and we mean this in all its forms – for example, integrating user experience writing into app snippets.

Likewise, we’re also taking an ethical approach to app design. This shines the spotlight on the improper use of data, particularly with medical apps. As the experts put it, “the time of ‘move fast and break things’ is over”.

You might also see more 3D graphics, at least in the mobile app sphere…


Flat icons may dominate elsewhere

It wouldn’t be graphic design without a few contradictions, right? Flat icons will rise in prominence, particularly for use on social media and websites. They’re essentially taking the place of the dreaded stock image, adding personality with illustrations rather than bland images which could actually affect your SEO!

Serifs are making a comeback

You may have noticed in our previous posts about typography that serif typefaces were associated with classic, older and trustworthy brands. Well, it seems we’re bringing the classics back: modern companies are giving the old-school typefaces a nostalgic nod. You might see this kind of design in forward-thinking tech giants like Mailchimp.

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The takeaways for graphic designers in 2021

As ever, digital design is being influenced by two things:

  • The digital medium
  • The end user.

It’s heartening to see such design trends as ethical UX coming to the fore. Rather than simply approaching our users from a marketing perspective, we’re treating them as individuals. We’re showing that we respect them for more than just their buying ability, or indeed, their valuable data.

Likewise, technological advancements will continue to influence the way in which designers craft their projects from here on. While it’s unlikely that we’ll see any huge developments beyond the desktop, mobile, and tablet – we will see developments within these devices.

As time wears on, we learn that design and branding are about so much more than the look. They’re also about testing.

Hear more from our Bolton and Chorley design studio

At Tall Zebra Designs, we’re looking forward to putting these pearls of wisdom into practice. Keep your eyes open for more case studies and blog posts from the team, or get in touch to see how we could transform your branding for 2021.