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Understanding the design agency culture

By 29th October 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments
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We’re so used to seeing the outcomes of design agencies: the eye-catching billboards, the thumb-stopping apps, the laugh-out-loud ad campaigns. But what goes on behind the scenes? Pull back the curtain with us and see what goes into creating that stand-out design.

Setting the scene in a Bolton and Chorley design agency

A creative studio, by its very nature, needs to foster a culture of open collaboration and free idea exchange. If you ever set foot in a small web design studio, you’ll see bags of personality all over the décor. There may be fun graphics on the walls, bean bags, or relaxed staff incentives.

Like design itself, what’s more important is not just looking the part – but practising what we preach. Strong design agencies espouse their values in everything they do. If they want open collaboration, they won’t put up physical barriers. If they want to encourage their teams, they’ll offer team-building sessions, even if they’re just Friday afternoon beers.

Corporate results with a playful edge

It’s not all ping-pong tables and bean bags, of course. While a small creative studio may have a relaxed atmosphere, the right team still knows how to deliver results. This is often the part we don’t see: the number-crunching in the background, the reporting, the testing.

Designers might be in the ‘front-end’, but they’re supported by a team of UX experts, data analysts, copywriters and many more who help them get the results they need to satisfy the client.


A productive web design studio team has to be…

Skilled? Punctual? Ready to go? Certainly, but they also need to be flexible. Again, this is reflected in workplace culture. If, for whatever reason, workers may need to operate remotely, a good studio will allow this.

The best design agencies will have a reliable set of project management and collaboration tools. These allow total visibility of a project from start to finish, allowing input from PMs, designers, writers and in some cases, even clients.

Teamwork makes the dream work

Think of a design team like a swan – there are those above the surface, looking elegant and keeping cool, maintaining the face of the brand. Then there are those working away in the background – the legs kicking violently underneath to keep the project moving!

Good design studio teams work in sync with one another. They see past management hierarchies and instead recognise the value of every team member, whether it’s a BDM or content strategist. Each person has a role, and a good project manager will clearly designate these roles, allowing each member to intervene where appropriate.

No idea is a bad idea

The beauty of a small design team is that everybody has a chance to contribute. Even better, with creative teams, there are often good mixes of introverts and extroverts. When they come to blows in meetings, extroverts won’t be afraid to throw wild ideas out there. Introverts, meanwhile, will assess the implications and come up with a strategic plan. Together, the magic happens.

There may not be as must of a structure to ‘kick-off’ meetings as you’d expect from larger agencies, but this is all part of the fun. All ideas are encouraged, allowing smaller studios to refine them and test to see what works best.

See it live in this Bolton and Chorley design studio

Now you know just how many elements there are to perfect your campaign, try it yourself. Get in touch with the Tall Zebra Design team to see how we can get our cogs whirring and deliver that awe-inspiring finish.


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