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5 design elements that will modernise and revolutionise your website

By 3rd November 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments

Choosing a new font? Sick of your navigation bar? Bored of that shade of red? These 5 design elements are revolutionary, and memorable, and some are even timeless enough to stick with for years to come.

Time for a redesign. Here’s your inspiration.


‘Less is more’ has always looked good and probably always will. Simple visual elements like fine line fonts, monochromatic designs, primary colours, and clean icons look deliberate and stylish. On a purely practical level, a minimalist design is easier for site visitors to navigate. It also sends a visual message about your brand – you’re confident and skilled enough to put the bells and whistles to one side.

Who does it well: The British Museum

Simple says it best when you have one goal – get people to visit. The British Museum does it beautifully with black and white, one header image, and all the essential info.

Mixed media

If you’ve ever heard a designer bang on about “adding texture” and nodded wisely but felt mystified, this is what they mean. Mixed media means overlapping, overlaying, and collaging wildly different design elements, from imagery to typography, vibrant colours to graphics.

This isn’t quite the opposite of minimalist – it’s not about filling every available bit of space – it’s about creatively and confidently using different elements together in one space to create something totally unique that appears to move and jump off the screen.

Who does it well: Everyman Cinemas

This upmarket cinema chain layers classic film imagery, varied fonts, and clashing colours to make a statement.

Picture 3

Grids and cards

There’s something nice and organised about a grid system. ‘Cards’ are nothing new, we’ve seen them across website designs for a while now. You can get creative with this simple layout though by making them big, bold, and dominant across the page.

Who does it well: Frames for future

This collaborative campaign between designers and the United Nations uses a loud grid system to discuss topics that demand our attention – sustainability, poverty, hunger, and global health.

Picture 4

Let typography dominate

A lot of attention is paid to typography as a design element in itself and for good reason – a  well-chosen font can transform your site. Some brands are bold enough to let the text speak entirely for itself. This polished look can make a huge statement, let you play with scale, and create something unexpected and visually satisfying.

Who does it well: Redscout

This design consultancy uses a striking typography-only design to visually demonstrate what it has to say matters most.

Be playful

The most memorable websites raise a smile and a “oh that’s clever”. That doesn’t mean you need to be kitsch or cram the space full of animations, it just means having fun with it in a way that suits your brand’s personality.

Who does it well: Eat Sleep Work

This LA and Arizona-based brand agency has created a nostalgic, pastel-coloured dream. It manages to be both full of easter eggs and straight to the point.

Final thoughts

There aren’t many ‘website design rules’ anymore. You can chuck the rule book out, write your own, or even get inspired by someone else’s.

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