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Inexpensive digital marketing techniques to help see your business through tough times

By 27th November 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments
Inexpensive digital marketing techniques

2020 has probably been the year you tightened your business’ belt particularly tightly, so spending on digital marketing might have taken a backseat, whether it’s social media ads or search engine optimisation. Before you press pause on your social media accounts and email marketing tools permanently we’ve got some inexpensive digital marketing techniques that can keep generating business during even the strangest and toughest times.

Put your cash/energy into quality content

Quality over quantity always applies in digital marketing, but when you’re short on time and money it’s even more important. One genuinely useful video is worth a hundred generic social media posts.

Creating content like this is time-consuming, particularly when you haven’t done much of it before. Concentrate on your most engaged marketing channel first, whether it’s Instagram Stories or your email marketing list. If you’re struggling with engagement across the board, push the content to wherever you already have the most followers or subscribers or you think it’s going to go furthest.

Remember! Social media engagement is cumulative – you need to build it over time.

Keep your content high quality and consistent, whether that’s daily, weekly, or a monthly newsletter that people genuinely look forward to and really benefit from.

Recycle your existing content

Already been working on brilliant content for a while? If finding time for content generation is the issue – go back into the archives. There’ll be blogs and posts you haven’t used for years that just need a little tweak before they’re perfect for fresh content again.

It’s a good idea to go through past content anyway to check what works and what doesn’t. It jogs your memory too! You might not remember when you did that giveaway in 2018 but if it did really well it could be time to try it again. 

Keep adjusting your Adwords budgets

Google AdWords can be pretty complicated so you might not be managing this yourself, but if you are boldly sifting through the line graphs and acronyms it’s all the more important to keep an eye on the numbers. They can be deceptive!

The SEO experts at Moz say businesses often need to choose between driving lots of sales to their site and reducing profits OR maintaining their profit margin but missing out on some sales. It’s no good spending loads on a particular set of keywords if the cost of getting those clicks is exceeding how much they’re actually bringing in.

When your budget already feels stretched AdWords can drain it. Make sure you’re putting budget behind the right keywords at the right time and making the most of that traffic when it reaches your site.

Work on word-of-mouth

The recommendation of a well-informed friend is worth a lot. If you want your marketing activity to go far, spend some time and money generating a referral programme. It doesn’t have to be super formal or structured, it can just be inviting people to share posts and a small discount for referrers.

If your business is bricks-and-mortar and you often see people in person (at a 2-metre distance, of course!) you can talk about your referral programme when customers and clients are right in front of you too. They’re much more likely to go for it when they’re already happy.

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