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What role does website design play in digital marketing?

By 8th December 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments
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The digital marketing industry is not for the faint-hearted. Before we even have time to get comfortable, a design trend changes or a Google algorithm update takes us off-track.

Added to this, we now have more channels than ever to market our products or services:

  • Social media gives us a platform to cement our brand and communicate with customers
  • Email marketing allows us to harness data and target customers at crucial buying times
  • Paid advertising lets users find our services through inbound search
  • Video marketing gives us more context to showcase our expertise
  • Content writing answers user questions and offers SEO opportunities.

Notice anything missing? Of course, all of these link back to our website – the shop window that allows our customers to find out more, buy products, or even talk to us.

Why a good web design studio is essential

Your website is the foundation of all your digital marketing processes. You can spend thousands investing in search optimisation, advertising or social media engagement, but if the end product doesn’t cut it, users will leave.

Hence, web designers and developers are tasked with making your website as functional as possible. We do this for many reasons, all of which link directly to the customer.

To establish your brand

There are no two ways about it – a strong brand is the key to customer loyalty. Our graphic designers in Chorley and Bolton work tirelessly to capture a brand’s values and communicate them through colours, typography, messaging and more.

Your website should be the guideline for all your other digital assets. Marketing brings the customer to the website, but branding gives them that unique experience – and it all starts with a streamlined, user-friendly web presence.

To meet SEO requirements

We need to bring customers to the site to ensure it reaches its full potential. This is where website design and search engine optimisation are intrinsically linked.

Google wants its users to have the best experience on-site possible, and to find the best information. As a creative studio, we guarantee this by:

  • Integrating SEO best practices with web design e.g. custom fields for metadata
  • Designing simple site navigation that allows SEO crawlers to understand the website
  • Offering users a seamless experience through the site from one page to another.

To demonstrate your expertise

Your website offers you free rein to add infographics, blog posts, videos and whatever other digital assets you need to show off your knowledge. A well-designed CMS will allow you to play with all of these mediums and display them in a responsive, mobile-friendly format.

Don’t forget – Google ranks sites based on expertise, authority and trust. You should use these content types to demonstrate your expertise, for example, long-form blogs that answer user questions. A strong web design studio will allow you to present this information in a digestible fashion, with strong headers, bullet points, and themes that support rich media.

To sell!

Every website has its own set of objectives, whether it’s eCommerce or simply encouraging PDF downloads. Web designers are responsible for making this as simple as possible. They follow the “don’t make me think” principle – removing all barriers to conversion like slow pages, and adding clear calls to action.

Speak to your local Chorley and Bolton web design agency today

While your social media profiles, emails and other assets can support your digital marketing efforts, your website is doubtless the best weapon in your arsenal. To get the best from your online presence, speak to Tall Zebra Designs today.


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