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5 small businesses with big business quality Instagrams & what you can learn from them

By 14th December 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments

Instagram just launched Instagram Shop, an in-app shopping tool giving small businesses on the platform another way to push their products on social media. There are lots of ways for small businesses to be a big hit on people’s IG timelines, and one of those essential ingredients is clever and creative branding.

These 5 examples are small, up-and-coming British brands with a clear visual identity and lots of brand personality. Take a leaf out of their beautifully presented books and your brand’s Instagram could be just as successful.

  1. Ilk + Ernie

This Brighton-based sustainable fashion brand has a cult following on Instagram and no wonder. The brand uses a consistently fun visual style and female-led content, some even produced by the customers themselves.


What you can learn from them: Consider who uses your product or service and what they really care about. Ilk + Ernie customers want sustainable fashion – style and substance are just as important as each other. This informs their visual branding, product names, choice of models…everything!

Follow them: @ilkandernie

  1. Manchester Craft & Design Centre

A small craft and design centre in Manchester’s Northern Quarter gives you exactly what you’d expect on Instagram – handmade, unique products. This is basically a community of professional crafters and their creations are fairly irresistible.

What you can learn from them: If in doubt, stick to one thing and do it really well. For Manchester Craft & Design Centre that’s showing off the work of its artists and crafters.

Follow them: @manchestercraft

  1. Sister & Co. Organics

This small skincare brand has a grid that’s about as aesthetic as it gets. Priding itself on organic, natural ingredients, minimal packaging, and affordable luxury, Sister & Co has a very clear brand personality that would give ultra-cool cosmetics brands like Glossier a run for their money.

What you can learn from them: This brand uses its colour palette particularly well. Everything goes back to those earthy greens, purples and pinks. Inject your own branded colours into everything you post and your grid could look as follow-worthy as this.

Follow them: @sisterandcoorganics

  1. Beards & Daisies

There’s no mistaking it, this really is the largest collection of indoor houseplants in the UK. Beards & Daisies know exactly how to promote their botanicals and plant subscription service, and that’s to let the plants do the talking. They add some much-needed greenery to your timeline so you’ll want to add some greenery to your home.

What you can learn from them: A ‘less is more’ approach can be really effective on Instagram. If your brand has one main string to its bow, don’t crowd it or overcomplicate it.

Follow them: @beardsanddaisies

  1. Everlong Print Co.

A small online business trading in wall art really had to know what it was doing on Instagram. Everlong Print Co. This online print store is a small operation that looks much bigger than it really is and that’s all down to the sophisticated imagery. It’s minimalist and of the moment.

What you can learn from them: You don’t need to be a seasoned photographer with a range of fancy lenses to get Instagram photography right, but you do need a good eye. For Everlong Print Co, it’s clear that they plan, photograph, and curate carefully. You should too.

Follow them: @everlongprintco

Feeling inspired? You should. These small businesses prove you can be a tiny operation and still make a big impression on Instagram.

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