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Video marketing: how to embrace this growing channel

By 21st December 2020January 24th, 2023No Comments
Video camera

You may have noticed we’ve added a new video to the Tall Zebra Designs homepage. Not only are we keen to show off our editing skills; video is also a crucial part of your marketing arsenal if you’ve not experimented with it already.

The benefits of adding video as a channel to your digital strategy

As a channel, video began gathering pace in 2015 when approximately 78 per cent of marketers said it was part of their strategy. Today, that figure has shot up to 92 per cent – so if you’re not adopting, you’re lagging behind.

According to Smart Insights, we will spend 100 minutes a day watching online videos in 2021. With growing platforms like TikTok, not to mention video’s prevalence in worldwide campaigns like the recent elections, it’s clear to see that video is here to stay. So how can it work for you?

Video content increases engagement.

When our attention spans have no time to scan text, we turn to video instead. Mediums like explainer videos or product content help to bring your products and service to life. This may also encourage your customers down the funnel, having had a more visual insight into what you sell.

Video marketing is a great form of social proof.

You may have heard of written testimonials, but what about video ones? These are a surefire way of showing your prospective customers that they are genuine, asking clients to leave their thoughts. They’re also relatively easy to make as it’s all user-generated content – unless you want to go the whole hog and use a studio! You can share these on your social profiles to establish more trust.

Videos can increase your Google rankings.

If you’re savvy with your ‘schema markup’, you can tell Google exactly what kind of content your site features – including video. This means that your video may appear above text results in search engine results pages. This gives you more visibility and immediately helps to answer user questions.

Where to start with video marketing

Nobody expects you to be a YouTube star overnight. You can start small by using home tools such as your smartphone or affordable vlogging cameras. Consider:

  • Starting a YouTube channel to discuss updates in your industry
  • Vlogging to support your existing content
  • Sharing update videos to social media
  • Using video case studies, for example, slideshows outlining your projects.

If you’ve got a larger budget, you can speak to a studio that may be able to help you host your own ‘shows’, for example, videos or filmed podcasts. Alternatively, you may have captured some footage but not have the tools to edit it together.

That’s where we come in. Our video editing experts can take your content and add effects, captions and transitions, to deliver a polished product.

The beauty of video is that it can work both ways – either ‘budget’ smartphone updates for that brand authenticity, or a professional edit to entice new customers. You can always try both!

Speak to our branding experts today

If yours is a visual brand that deserves to be seen, speak to the team at Tall Zebra Designs. We’ll advise you on what content works best, how to frame it, and how to edit it for maximum conversions. Get in touch here.