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6 graphic design trends that will be big (and coming back) in 2021

By 11th January 2021May 16th, 2023No Comments

Graphic design is always evolving and reviving. As a team of creatives, we’re always looking out for emerging trends and old favourites that look a little bit different. It helps us, and our clients, to create custom design elements and websites that have a really powerful look and feel.

These are the 6 graphic design trends that are predicted to be influential in 2021. 

  1. Texture and 3D

Designed by Nayab Fatima. From

When we talk about look and feel we don’t usually mean literally, but in 2021 that could change. Designs that literally pop out of the page and you want to touch go way beyond the flat screen you’re usually viewing it on. It makes sense – our social media feeds are full of movement and variety, so why should they be restricted to 2D? This 3D illustration by Nayab Fatima for Instagram is as fun to look at as it probably was to create.

  1. Symbolism and iconography

Designed by Thio Art & Design Co. From

Iconography has always been immensely powerful and now it’s being harnessed by brands to create truly memorable, impactful graphic designs. One simple image can stand for a lot and it’s these individual symbols that are usually the most powerful. Thio Art & Design Co specialise in this niche.

  1. Nostalgic cartoons

Designed by vegrande. From

The hand drawn illustrations of our childhood are back. Hanna Barbera inspired characters and creatures are appearing on packaging and posters because they’re equal parts retro and emotive. All the bright colours and black outlines make for some clean graphics that are especially satisfying to look at. These dog poop bags designed by vegrande are the perfect amount of playful.

  1. Surrealism

Designed by Spoon Lancer. From

It’s not all melting clocks, you know. Surrealism in graphic design is a genius move, because nothing grabs attention like an image so baffling or compelling it makes you stare and scrutinise. There’s no end to how you can test the limits of design with surrealist elements and inspiration. This website design by Spoon Lancer seems bizarre at first glance but actually makes perfect sense.

  1. Pop Art returns

Designed by The Plant. From Creative Boom.

It’s testament to the innovation of pop art that it never manages to look tired. Designers are still embracing it to create technicolour, challenging, subversive, and sometimes just plain simple graphics. This poster series for Covent Garden’s Seven Dials Market takes inspiration from Velvet Underground and Warhol himself.

  1. Black and white

Designed by Bhavna Kashyap. From

Some trends are all colour, this graphic design mainstay is anti-colour. It’s currently being seen on websites, posters, social media imagery, and apps. In a sea of busy, technicolour screens, this creation from Bhavna Kashyap is conspicuous and noticeable for its clean lines and simplicity, ideal for an app for relaxation and meditation.

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