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How to manage your business’ marketing content calendar when everything’s changing

By 3rd March 2021May 16th, 2023No Comments
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How to manage your business’ marketing content calendar when everything’s changing

Most businesses – big and small – plan their content calendar in advance to keep their social media and digital marketing content regular and impactful. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months!

The last year has been so unpredictable you probably had to take your online marketing strategy right back to the drawing board in March 2020. 2021 is still just as changeable but you’ve got to keep things moving on your site, social media channels, and in your email marketing.

This is how to plan and stay flexible with your content marketing.

Keep the usual dates sacred (even if they’re a bit different this time)

Whatever’s going on, a content calendar is a great way to stay organised, market around specific dates and occasions, and keep things fresh and interesting for your online audience.

Even though most physical events are cancelled or drastically different, the same significant dates will still come up even in the strangest of years. Mark them in your content calendar and find new, interesting, pandemic-appropriate ways to market around them. Your product or service might have even more significance or you might need to upsell in a slightly different way.

Stay on top of the news and trending topics

Social media talking points and current events change by the minute, so an idea that was great when you planned it a few weeks ago could be way off the mark when it’s scheduled to post. Always be ready to edit, change direction, and respond to what’s going on right now. It takes just one Coronavirus news briefing…

Learn from last year’s content

As lots of people keep reminding each other, we’ll be approaching one whole year of the pandemic in March 2021. That means you’ll have already been posting across your social channels, website, and email marketing campaigns during a pandemic for 12 whole months.

Review what worked last year and what your online audience responded to. As those dates and events come up again you’ll know what to keep, throw out, and modify.

Focus on convenience

Everything has been online for a while and it’s going to stay online for the foreseeable future. People want easy buying processes, contactless payment, fast delivery, and remote access to things they need right now. But as well as getting the practical stuff right, brands and businesses should understand the mood of the nation and your content should reflect the fact that we’re experiencing a ‘new normal’ no one particularly wants.

When you’re reviewing your content in the planning stage, consider how it comes across, how authentic it is, and who it speaks to. This isn’t the time for your business to pretend that everything’s fine, it’s an opportunity to be real and empathetic.

Put your post-pandemic content wishlist to one side for now (you can use it later!) and make sure all online content focuses on what people actually care about right now. Do that and people will pay attention.

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