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6 reasons your business website is turning customers away (and how to fix them)

By 18th May 2021January 23rd, 2023No Comments
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Every business owner knows they need an online presence, whether that’s a site that serves multiple functions, or a simple, one-pager that gives potential customers and clients an easy way to contact you. It needs to look great, work well, and do exactly what the customer needs it to do.

There’s no one correct way to build or design your website to make it do these essential things. If you’ve been putting off a redesign, or find yourself directing potential customers to your Facebook page instead because it’s easier, it’s definitely time for a website MOT.


What’s the main purpose of your website?


This is the first question to ask yourself. Is it eCommerce? Service pages? A point of contact? A portfolio? Is your website the place where you provide your specific service? They all pose their own specific challenges and have specific needs.

It’s also helpful to ask yourself what action you want your site visitor to take. What do you want them to be able to do when they get there? What will keep them there? What questions should they be able to answer while they’re there?

The answers to these questions will direct everything, from the design to the functionality.

  1. It’s really old

    Some designs last the test of time, like an Eames chair or a chesterfield sofa. Regrettably, websites don’t usually fall under that category. When they age, they age a lot. Websites that were made even ten years ago can become incredibly dated, with features that don’t really work anymore and lack mobile responsiveness.

  2. It doesn’t have a clear call to action

    You could say a contact page or form is all you need but it’s not hugely persuasive tucked away on its own page. Whatever your website’s core function it’s really helpful to have a clear call to action. It could be adding a booking form to every page, educational info in just the right place, or redesigning the homepage to answer a question quickly.

  3. An essential form or button doesn’t work

    We’ve all had this frustration. You’re trying to book or buy something and it won’t accept your details, the text is too small, or it cuts off a drop-down menu on mobile. Whatever the logistical issue, it’s immensely annoying and will turn people right off. If they can’t do what they came to your site to do, they’ll leave.

  4. It’s slow to load

    A recent study found that bad web design can actually be really stressful. The top annoyance that gets our blood pressure up (literally!) is slow loading speeds. Google hates it too and will actively lower your rankings if your website is a slow coach.

  5. It’s all a bit ‘meh’

    If your site is pretty much a carbon copy of many other businesses in your industry it’s not going to stand out much. Standing out for the sake of it isn’t always advisable, but considered and intelligent design is a must. If you’re underwhelmed by your own site it’s definitely time for a redesign.

  6. It’s tricky to manage and update

    Thanks to all the different website building platforms it’s no longer a massive, complex job to add some content or a video to your site as and when you need to. If your current platform is a nightmare to use it’s definitely time for a change. The easier it is to edit and manage, the more adaptable it will be and the more empowered you’ll feel to keep it up to date.

A well-designed, the intuitive site will do what it needs to do and more. It’ll also be low maintenance for you to manage, and sell your business effortlessly 24/7, and show the world exactly what your business can do. If this is the first thing people see, it should be 5-star.

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