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How we promoted Challenge Coins UK to 78 million readers

By 9th November 2021May 16th, 2023No Comments

It’s not every day you get to promote and market a truly unique product. Challenge Coins UK is exactly that. The veteran-owned business produces totally unique commemorative coins for the armed forces, the emergency services, and private companies. 

We redesigned the Challenge Coins UK website, creating a better user experience and an easy way to pay securely online. Our marketing campaign for Challenge Coins included PR distribution, blogging, SEO, and email campaigns. 

This is how this small business is getting brilliant digital marketing results.

Distribution to Market Watch and 78 million monthly readers

The Tall Zebra Designs team wrote and distributed a press release about Challenge Coins UK, successfully publishing it with Market Watch, which is owned by DOW Jones and has a massive monthly readership of 78 million people. The article introduced Challenge Coins as a veteran-owned business, the owner’s personal history with challenge coins, and a brief history of the coins and their significance within the armed forces and beyond. The blog was also distributed in a Market Watch email campaign to UK and London-based business contacts.

Blogs that inform AND have an impact on Google rankings

As well as PR activity, we created regular blogs for the Challenge Coins UK site with the dual purpose of optimising the page content and answering key audience questions.

‘Challenge coins aren’t hugely well known outside the armed forces – and even sometimes within the armed forces – so a key focus of our campaign was educating new audiences,’ said Tall Zebra Designs’ Creative Director Alex Chadwick. ‘We focused heavily on the quality of the coins and the fact that every single design is bespoke, as well as the business’ veteran owner Tom Newey and his own career in the armed forces.’

We wrote blogs that are informative and link closely to how customers can place an order or get a quote through the site. The published blogs covered topics including:

  • 5 occasions and events to mark with a Commemorative Coin
  • A brief history of British Armed Forces Challenge Coins
  • Rewarding our key workers: Custom recognition coins for staff working through the pandemic

These are the results

Challenge Coins UK’s average position has gone up by 35.5 ranks with an increased visibility of nearly 10%. We’ve significantly improved twelve keywords, with six reaching the top 1-4 positions in search results. Challenge Coins UK’s domain authority has also increased from 7 to 20. 

How we’re keeping the good results coming

Challenge Coins UK has achieved some great PR and SEO results but the work doesn’t stop now. Our regular content creation and updates, including creating landing pages targeted to specific keywords, will continue to improve rankings for Challenge Coins UK’s keywords. 

We’re also continually making page structure improvements to keep their technical SEO working and are currently sourcing quality backlinks with high trust scores within the recreation, aviation, defence, and military industries.