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Why your construction business needs industry-specific marketing

By 17th November 2021January 23rd, 2023No Comments
Industry specific marketing

It’s pretty normal for a construction, property, or equipment hire business to look for a digital marketing agency or consultant that works in multiple industries, can do it all and comes at the right price. However, your sector has specific needs for industry knowledge, so teaming up with the right digital marketing agency that knows the ins and outs is crucial. Here’s why:

Nothing is one-size-fits-all (especially not digital marketing)

Paying for one-size digital marketing is a bit like paying for a one-size jumper. The odds of it fitting brilliantly are very slim. Marketing agencies will tailor their approach to the client and their audience but it’s not always enough for businesses in construction and property. Your business has specific audiences, objectives, and possibly a bigger budget than other businesses. That doesn’t mean you want to blow the budget on marketing but it does mean you can be more selective. Why go for the one-size jumper when you can have a bespoke jumper made just for you?

Your industry changes rapidly and the agency needs to keep up

Coronavirus taught us that every industry can suddenly face huge challenges in a very short space of time. Fortunately, the property investment and construction industries in the UK have bounced back dramatically, with the value of restarted projects exceeding the value of delayed 2020 projects.

When change comes, you want your agency to know how to respond and to do it well. Agencies that are experienced with property and construction will have a much more innovative and rapid response because they’re used to it.

They know the marketing channels that work for your sector

Some channels work for property and construction and others just don’t. The different audiences you’re targeting and their various purposes will be more accessible through the most accurate and targeted channels. The same can be said for lots of other sectors – they all have their natural home online.

An experienced, specialist agency has already done the research and run the campaigns. They know which channels are going to get the best results for your business. They might even know how to tap into hidden audiences using marketing channels you wouldn’t expect.

They’re set up to partner with other brands, affiliates, and industry leaders

Working consistently in one or two sectors means connections and affiliations. A digital marketing agency with established links in your industry can provide valuable insights and opportunities to collaborate with other businesses in the sector. A non-specialist agency wouldn’t be able to access this, or would have to spend considerable time (and your money!) building up their links within the industry.

Tall Zebra Designs is one of the UK’s leading marketing agencies working exclusively with the construction industry

Our team provides professional, results-driven, on-demand marketing support for businesses in property development and housebuilding, crane and plant hire, estate agency and investment, and construction.

We can help your construction business with:

  • Defining and developing your brand identity
  • Designing and building your website
  • Digital marketing strategies
  • Search Engine Optimisation and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising
  • Graphic design
  • Content creation

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