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How to choose the most effective digital marketing channels for your property or construction business

By 25th November 2021May 16th, 2023No Comments
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Social, email, content, SEO, video, affiliate, inbound… There are so many different ways to focus your digital marketing efforts it’s not surprising that many businesses struggle to decide where they should be putting their time and money.

Your property or construction business has probably tried it all with mixed results. It’s time to consolidate all that research and development and focus on the channels that really make an impact. This is how to find your audience, go where the decision-makers are, and make your strategies sustainable.


Notice what does and doesn’t work for big players in your industry

A corporate YouTube channel with 10 subscribers and a handful of video views is evidently not massively effective. But a LinkedIn page with lots of likes, comments, and shares is clearly gaining traction. Noticing what your competitors and other influential businesses operating in your industry are doing well will direct you to the digital marketing channels that are successfully grabbing a relevant audience.

You won’t know the specific return on investment unless you have access to their more detailed stats, which is pretty unlikely, but you’ll be able to see where people are looking and where they aren’t.


Choose channels that link well together

SEO and content go hand in hand. Social and video do too. You often can’t choose one without the other. It’s a smart idea to choose channels that link well if your time and resources are limited and you want the most impact. For example, you can maximise the value of every piece of content you create by making it integral to your SEO strategy. You can then share it on social media and bring people to your site or landing pages through this channel.


Go where the decision-makers are

Construction and property businesses often work on long-term, highly valuable projects. This obviously means that their decisions are made carefully and with one eye permanently on the future. Instead of appealing to a generalised audience focus specifically on the industry’s key decision makers. This could be through influential content on LinkedIn, working with online and print trade publications, or a keynote speeches at exhibitions with an impressive attendee list. These are big digital marketing goals but they’re worth it if they get your business in front of people with the power and resources to choose.


Whatever you decide, base it on meaningful stats

Stats are everything in digital marketing. The stats will tell you which channels are delivering a decent ROI and which are connecting with a large number of people but not doing anything with them. What appears to be an effective campaign might look a bit different when you dig into the data, and vice versa. Check everything – Google Analytics goals, your CRM, social feeds, video views, and whatever else is recording results.


We’re your digital marketing partners

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