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How to become an expert voice in your construction or property niche

By 4th January 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
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Some people love the idea of loads of LinkedIn followers hanging on their every post, while others prefer to just get on with the job. Whichever camp you’re in, becoming a expert voice in your industry is hard work and takes time. The marketing and SEO benefits are huge though, including better website traffic, engaged followers, and ultimately informed and motivated buyers.  

This is how to start getting valuable attention in your construction or property niche.  

Know what you’re talking about 

We probably don’t have to tell you this but it’s important to have genuine expertise and insight. People who haven’t got much to say won’t get very far. If you’ve been in your niche for a while you’ll have a huge bank of information and experience in your head that’s just waiting to come out. Speak from a genuinely knowledgeable place and people will respond positively.   

Talk to your audience on different platforms in different ways 

Blogs and content hubs are great but there are plenty of people who want a 30 second video instead. Some people spend most of their time networking on LinkedIn, while others find their insights on Twitter. It’s important to spread your insights reasonably wide and to communicate them in the most concise and digestible format. If long-form isn’t getting views, try something more accessible like videos or infographics.  

Collaborate with other businesses and industry leaders 

You don’t need to stand alone. Construction and property businesses of all types work together and rely on each other for referrals. Co-author blogs, share insight with their audience, let them take over your social media for a day. Your audience and affiliate links will significantly increase if you share and swap knowledge.  

Get on breaking news fast 

Brexit and Covid both have a huge impact on your industry and the news can change extremely quickly. If there’s a Downing Street briefing, a supply chain problem, or a new sustainable initiative that directly affects your industry, it’s important to provide your take on it – whatever that is – quickly.  

Always keep it relevant to your audience 

Your knowledge is only useful if it can be applied. Before you write a post or plan a YouTube video think about the relevance to your audience and what they’re going to want to know. Their main concerns will include their own business’ profits, customer needs, industry regulation, government initiatives, supply chains, new innovations, and anything that saves them money and time. 

Be concise 

Being concise will keep your audience engaged and show you know what you’re talking about. No one likes a rambling webinar or a repetitive blog. Every insight you put out there should be concise and direct, especially the long-form content. Use short paragraphs, headings that help people navigate the page, images and charts, infographics, and videos.  

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