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Humanise your business; break the fourth wall in 2022

By 6th January 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
Humanise your Business

Not too many years ago businesses were striving to be ultra-professional. Technical jargon was littered everywhere across their content, customers were addressed as Sir or Madame, sales pitches were polished and cold calls were rife.  

Even small businesses would act overtly corporate, believing the only way to compete with the big corporations was to mirror them, rather than being their true selves. There was a misconception and sometimes still is, that by showing personality in the business world you can hinder your chances of being taken seriously.  

Thankfully, there has been a shift, corporate no longer means stiff upper lip and rigid. It is now not only normal to inject personality, humour, and relaxed language into your business, but it’s encouraged.  

If you’re not already, here’s three ways to start humanising your business: 

People buy from people

Show the faces of your real employees, not iStock ones. Break the fourth wall by sharing behind-the-scenes processes and site or office culture. Don’t forget your employees are your ready-made social influencers. They don’t need to be particularly sales, in fact it helps if they’re not. They just need to have a social platform (big up- Linkedin), be themselves and believe in your products or services. This naturally builds conversations and rapport with potential clients.  

Take a glance at your ‘About us’ page

This is probably the most important page on your website. It sets you apart from all your competitors. If it’s drab and lifeless you will appear robotic and difficult to connect with. It doesn’t need to be fancy or over the top with humour and friendliness, it just needs to be you and fit in line with your brand. Sometimes it does take an outsider prospective to see the quirks and niches of a business. We now offer copywriting services, our writing team are great at expanding on the glimmers of personality your business probably already elicits without you realising. 

Stay Consistent 

You can’t humanise your business if your identity is not clear or recognisable. All your business brandingfrom your website home page, physical branding on your company vehicles and business cards all the way down to your Facebook cover photo is a testament to your company. It should all coordinate Ideally, even your social media stories should be an instant identifier to you. Familiarity is comforting to people; it keeps you fresh in their minds when either recommending to others or wanting to use your service themselves. Branding is something we hold years of trusted experience in. The companies we have worked with have proven results from our input. Whether you need a freshen-up or a complete re-brand, we can help.