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5 reasons property developers should post project updates online 

By 20th January 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
5 reasons property developers should post project updates online | Tall Zebra Designs

It’s simple to do

You don’t have to be a photographer or a social media mastermind to post project updates. It could take you less than five minutes per day to take a couple of images on-site with your smartphone. When you are in and around the machinery or the builders themselves, take a few snaps of what they are doing. Capture a long-distance shot every now and then too. Share pictures of things that go wrong and how your team fixed them. Did you unearth something unexpected or historical whilst digging?  Tell your followers about that too, upload them to your business social media page(s) with a simple caption and get conversations started. 

You’re not just sharing for the benefit of your next potential client or to help you make a future sale, it’s also for the benefit of local people, others in your trade, people interested in construction or architecture and historians. When you post project updates you will stand out to tradespeople interested in working for you. It all helps to strengthen your network. 


It’s good for your portfolio

Visuals are your friend. When people can see a full journey of your previous works it will allow them to trust you with their own projects. It grows your credibility. If you can show a full timeline of images revealing the intricacies and behind-the-scenes work of a project, then it encapsulates your dedication. You can use the images for blogs on your website to keep them from looking text heavy. By tilting your images tactfully you can drive traffic through to your website from Google images. If this sounds out of your comfort zone, it’s something we can help with.


You’ll build a large and diverse following  

When you post project updates, people become invested in the journey. It will encourage people to follow you so they can stay in the loop and track the progress of your build. We are a nation of people who love a #beforeandafterhomeedition picture. You will attract a more diverse following which can lead to further opportunities or unexpected future clients. What can seem like monotonous work for you could be something others want to see or learn, you never know when a post or video will go viral.


It’ll humanise your business  

This is a term used a lot in marketing but behind-the-scenes footage and imagery like this really help give a face and a heart to your company. Seeing the people who work for you completing a hard day’s work allows you to appear relatable. It’s a personal touch that shows you care about the work being carried out and give credit to the people who are helping you create your visions.  


It’s inspiring

Sometimes, it feels as though homes and buildings spring up out of nowhere and to most people it does have a shock factor. One minute they’re walking past a building site the next week a completed, immaculate building stands erect. So, if people actually saw the graft that went into it they would appreciate the structure all the more. Once people see you regularly post project updates and see your site’s culture, the right people will want to come and work for you on your next development.  


If you need support with your socials we offer social media management and content creation. We’re also marketing specialists too, so we can track the leads your new social activity will bring. Get in touch.