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Quick & easy ways you can improve your business social media

By 8th February 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
Social Media

Social media can be extremely time-consuming and take your focus away from other commitments, especially if you don’t have a dedicated team on hand to help you. Here are five, simple, yet extremely effective ways to improve your business social media and boost your online presence, engagement and organic impressions.


Consistent profile pictures and cover photos 

Make sure all of your profile images across all your social channels are the same or at the very least, all contain your brand assets. We see it all the time, a company that has changed its logo a couple of times during its growth but has left old logos as social media profile images.  Consistency pays and will improve your business’s social media visually. People become familiar with your branding and are more likely to remember you.  


Your tag line 

Granted, your Linkedin and Instagram taglines may range in professionalism but make sure they are very similar, contain the same keywords and portray the same message. This again will help with consistency and building a brand identity!


Chase up Google or Trust Pilot reviews 

Most people do ignore or forget about review links, it’s a fact. Most companies need at least one prompt even if they have been happy with your work. Make sure the email you send to gain a review is personalised and not automated. People are much more inclined to ignore an automated email. Go to your sent box, type in ‘review’ and re-send a follow-up email to all those who haven’t given you a review yet. 


Follow hashtags and engage 

Pick some of the most relevant hashtags that apply to your business, follow them and engage! Like, share and comment on other accounts also in your sector. Even if you just do this twice per week for 20 minutes at a time it will really boost your engagement, help the growth of your following and build connections.  


Add your location to your posts

This is a quick win to get social media algorithms on your side. It legitimises your post and helps to boost it up the feed. It also helps people discover your posts when doing location-based searches. Even if you’re just tagging your office location every day, it’s still super helpful.  


If you would like some advice or assistance with your socials, get in touch.