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Blogging for my business – where do I start?

By 1st March 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
Blogging for my business - where do I start? | Tall Zebra Designs

Some businesses are firing out blogs several times per week and others scratch their heads and don’t know where to start…

If you are the latter, you need to start by deciding if you are going to blog yourself, have the resources available to delegate blogging to one of your team or if you’re going to outsource to a trusted third party, like us? 

Assess if you have the time and how much your time is worth. If you need to focus on another area of your business and your staff already have a full workload, then the chances are it will be more cost-effective for you to outsource your copywriting…and best for your sanity too!  

However, if you do want to take to the keyboard yourself, here are some blogging tips we have compiled to help you get started:   


Introduce yourself

Write at least one post about the origins of your business, and give your audience some context. This has a similar effect to the about page on your website, it gives people a ‘why’.  It tells them why they should take the time to read your blogs, why you are different to your competition and, why they should buy from you.


Work with what you have

Look at what written content or great imagery you already have for your business, use this as a foundation. Did you have a social media post that performed really well? Add more to it and convert it into a full blog post.  


You are the expert

Make a list of all the subjects in relation to your business that interest you. Draw upon your own knowledge, you are the expert when it comes to your field so there will be lots of interesting things for you to share.  When it comes to blogging tips, this one is golden. Be confident in your expertise, your passion will transfer across well.


Trilogy blogs  

These are a great way to keep your audience tuned in. If you have lots of information about a certain area of your business, topic or product then spread it across three blog posts and post it over the course of several weeks.  


Stockpile blogs 

Build up a backlog before posting your first blog, this way you can schedule them every week without feeling pressure to create them weekly. Maybe this falls into organisational tips as opposed to blogging tips but either way, it’s much easier to write when you are not under pressure!


Advertise your blog

Link your blog to your social channels. To gain further engagement on LinkedIn, you can use the ‘Write an Article’ feature. Here, you copy and paste your text, add your title and image then post. Blogs look much more inviting when posted in this format as opposed to a standard link and often gain a better click-through rate too.  


Get an SEO Plugin

If you are using WordPress for example, then you can download Yoast for free. This will help you optimise your text for search engines. 


Be authentic

Finally, the most important piece of advice we can offer from our blogging tips. Stay clear of using ‘copyright free content’ these sources often house dull and robotic copy that many other businesses have attempted to regurgitate. You are better than that.  


If you are looking for more blogging tips, get in touch with us today!