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A new website doesn’t equal success, great marketing does 

By 15th March 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
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Contrary to widespread belief, building an impressive website does not guarantee business leads. We’re website designers; we’re talking from experience…

Yes, to cut through the noise your website needs to be modern, visually pleasing, easy to navigate, and populated with great content. First impressions matter, it takes an estimated 0.05 seconds for people to form an opinion about your website. So, website aesthetic is important, it’s just that we know marketing is equally important.

We’ve seen so many admirable websites fall redundant because investments were made simply for its build but not for the marketing thereafter. We see marketing as aftercare. If you put just as much time, effort, and budget into marketing as you do the website then you are on your way to success. Here is what we recommend…


An effective way to manage how much you should spend on marketing your new website is by looking at how much you spent on building it – then matching it. Yes, you read that correctly. To launch your new website successfully, you need to spend to ensure it reaches people so your ideal clients can be targeted and sign-posted directly to it. After the launch, it’s advised to spend between 12-20% of your yearly gross on marketing until you’re well-established.

Quick Wins

Older websites and your competitors will be fully embedded into search engines and will have a long history of pages, posts and links which will help them pull up organically on Google. If your website is brand new, then the content it holds has not had time to be indexed and will not be easily discoverable to clients. This means you need to pay to be discovered. We suggest Google Ads, Online PR, Web banners and email campaigns via online publishers.

Local SEO

A proven way to rank highly on Google is to add location-based landing pages to your website. If you are a property developer in the Northwest UK you could create landing pages for several locations, for example, Property Developer Chorley. Once you create a webpage with this title and ensure this phrase is threaded throughout the text then when people search this phrase on Google, you will appear in the results and they will be navigated to your new website.

When you come to us for a brand new website or website refresh we can do more than just the design, aesthetics, and layout. We have an in-house content writer to populate your site and our director is a marketing expert.

We have all the tools and knowledge available to capture your audience, generate traffic,  drive your sales and make your business a success. Drop us a message if you’d like to know more.