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I work in construction- what can I post on social media?

By 22nd March 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
construction social media ideas

Social media is often compared to the American Dream. What you put into it; you can gain out of it regardless of status, image, or finances. All kinds of accounts, pages and businesses can take off. Just because we are used to seeing a filtered reality of glamour, photoshop, luxurious landscapes and fancy purchases in our feeds, does not mean your audience and opportunity to go viral isn’t out there.  

In 2022, your online presence is everything and if you are doing it right, it can drive the majority of your sales.

Set aside the hard hat and high visibility vest for just a couple of minutes and read our 6 suggested construction social media ideas if you work in the industry. 

1. Tips, tricks and how-to’s 

You are an expert in your field, your audience will appreciate and engage with mini-tutorials and trade secrets. Often these posts will be shared too! They don’t have to be time-consuming or fancy just taken on a good quality smartphone or camera. The beauty of construction is, raw and gritty content is relevant to your field, so keep it simple. When it comes to construction social media ideas, this is our front-runner. 


2. Visuals  

Keep track of your projects and post image updates. You may not notice many changes as you attend site daily, but your audience will see the progress captured in your posts. Construction social media ideas are best derived from your images, flick through your camera roll and see what you can work with. Before and after images are exceedingly popular too. Again, high-resolution images but no filters, keep it real.


3. Testimonials and awards.  

The construction industry is still old school in many respects. Many traditional tradespeople still rely heavily on word-of-mouth reputation as their main source of advertising. You can keep with the tradition but make it digital. If any of your clients give you valuable feedback, share it with your followers. Even if it’s verbal feedback, type it up, get approval, accredit your client and share.


4. Relevant industry news and insights 

Huge emphasis on the word relevant here. Many businesses share news and insights all too frequently because it’s free, easy and gives some quick substance to their social pages…but it’s also lazy. Don’t fall into the trap of just churning out re-shares from Construction Index. Be smart, share local, engaging, and fresh news, and avoid clickbait. 


5. Behind the scenes 

Whether it’s showing more of what your daily duties consist of, staff culture, events, and activities or even site banter. Folk are curious. There are so many construction social media ideas that can stem from this topic, be original. It helps your following build up a picture of what you are about, authentically displays your services and why you are different to your competitors.


6. Contests with some philanthropy

Any construction company can host giveaways for vouchers, branded material, or something gimmicky to generate shares and gain new followers. But, by hosting meaningful giveaways, you can stand out from others and feel humble inside too! Some examples: A fully kitted out starter tool kit for an apprentice or a new kitchen for a family in need… all budget depending of course.