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5 reasons to choose us for your plant hire Google Ad Campaigns

By 1st April 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments

Thorough set up

We do tons of research. We profile your ideal customer & look at the specific language they use when searching for plant hire on Google. This helps us choose the right keywords and arrange them into concise campaigns and ad groups. We also set up PPC landing pages that are optimised, so when a potential customer lands on one they will commit to choosing you.

Integrated, detailed tracking

We’re not about fluff. We use Hubspot to track all ads and leads this way we can show you exactly how your ads are performing and exactly where your budget is going. We gain satisfaction from seeing enquires, leads and most importantly the returns £££ our ads have brought in for our customers.

Big on optimising, low on costs

We’re savy with optimisation and not only work towards ensuring your PPC is reaching its full potential but that the costs remain as low as possible for you too. We aim for your return on ad spend (ROAS) to be high, so a visit to your site is worth more than what you pay for it. Google Ads get results and we’re confident they are worth every pound you will spend.

Focused on re-marketing

We place a huge emphasis on the importance of re-marketing & have great proven results.  We’re confident that the reason people visit the sites we work on but don’t commit is not to do with not wanting to use their services. That’s why we skilfully place your services around the web and back onto their radar, this usually leads them to be re-prompted and commit to your products.

We’re recognised Google Ad partners

Ultimately, this means we know are stuff. We work hard to remain partnered with Google by keeping all our client and personal campaign’s optimised as well as completing new courses offered by Google to learn about updates and the best new features.


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