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The best podcasts for property developers

By 5th April 2022May 16th, 2023No Comments
The best podcasts for property developers | Tall Zebra Designs

If you are in the property development industry and have never listened to a podcast specifically dedicated to your field, we can guess why – they’re drab right? Corporate sounding and boring? Well, no, not all of them are! You would be presently surprised. Take a listen to some of our suggested hosts and recommended episodes below, we can bet you will be adding one or more of these to your Spotify playlist: 


Property Developer Podcast 

First bonus, Australian accents. Hosted by Justin Gehde. This podcast has some pretty motivational conversations for those lacking enthusiasm or who have hit a wall, no pun intended.  

If you are going to listen to just one segment of this, we recommend ‘Episode 39 – How marketing can take your property development to the next level with guest Tim Reid.’ 

Tim is passionate about smaller businesses and one-man bands. He has successfully hosted his own business marketing podcast for 11 years. Tim breaks down every aspect of marketing that can draw in potential clients and even looks at something as small as your voicemail greeting then extends his expertise to other areas. He explains that everything you do in your property business is marketing –  how you carry yourself and all your transactions add to your branding.  

This episode is great for adjusting your mindset and thinking of property developing as your hobby instead of your business, so the work doesn’t feel like a chore. Tim recommends you focus on the parts you enjoy then outsource the rest, he explains you can’t be good at everything and sometimes it’s better off in the hands of the experts! – we certainly like this guy.  

Ultimately, this podcast helps to change your perception of marketing being an expense whilst property developing, it’s an investment and we agree! 


The Property Podcast 

This is a UK-based podcast hosted by Rob & Rob, together they run a multimillion-pound property fund. They include a small segment of property news at the start of every podcast and break it down into bite-size chunks and discuss, we see this as a much more friendly way to get up to scratch on industry facts and essential pieces of knowledge as opposed to having to research within the news and publishers.  

These guys are not afraid of ruffling a few feathers. In one of their most popular episodes ‘TPP467: sharing our most unpopular property opinions’ they discuss the fact that they think the minimum rental notice periods should be longer than 2 months in the UK. Yes, it’s controversial but a really interesting listen as not only does it contain opinions but facts too.  

From this episode as well as many of their others you gain a full perspective of the industry. They look at the market, the landlords, and the tenants’ point of view. It’s not only their current and previous success that allows the listener to trust their expertise but also their friendly manner and relationship with each other.  


The Progressive Property Podcast 

Our personal favourite. This stream contains a varied length of podcasts and a great mixture of education and lots of humor.  

If you’re interested in cheap refurbs, budgeting, tips for flipping properties for profit and buy-to-let advice, this is your go-to! 

It’s great for those new to the property development world as Kevin Mcdonnell, the show’s host not only provides informative segments, but he also talks on a personal level and gives anecdotes about his own experiences as an investor as well as a landlord. In one episode called ‘10 worst tenants I’ve ever had’ he discusses some hilarious stories, but he also explains how he handled each situation and gives tips of what to watch out for and what to do to prevent getting caught up in an unwanted situation when renting out your investments. 

Kevin believes it’s important to share all parts of his journey as it’s part of the process that made him successful and the realistic cost of business. This guy is transparent and trustworthy, somebody we would want to go to for advice if we were budding property developers or investors. It is well worth a listen.  


The Property Rebel  

Hosted by Arsh Ellahi, who has written an Amazon bestseller and created The Property Investor App.  

This podcast discusses finances and topical issues, offers sound advice, has motivational guest speakers, gives property market predictions, and has consistently short and regular segments, this podcast really is an allrounder.  

In Episode 74, Arsh covers a very widely discussed topic in the world of property development ‘Is it worth converting a house into apartments?’.  

He is exceptionally clean and thorough in his explanations without being patronizing. He explains the risks of converting a singular dwelling into a multi-let and discusses houses of multiple occupation as an alternative.  

We particularly like the level of detail he delivers in his advice, covering planning permission, breaking down complex terminology, and what exactly the council consider in an application I.e., traffic congestion on the road. Things you may not necessarily think about. The information he offers is useful for brand new property developers and experienced too. This is the podcast we believe you could learn the most from.


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