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We’re celebrating five years of Tall Zebra Designs!

By 12th April 2022No Comments
5 years- Tall Zebra Designs

A business anniversary of any milestone is a pretty big deal. No two years are the same for any business and the journey to creating any successful company involves riding waves of highs and lows in a sea of uncertainty.

Tall Zebra Designs was founded by our creative director Alex, who single-handedly built his client database and portfolio within the construction industry. He achieved success not only from his experience working at Hewden Stuart but through being a driven, knowledgeable, and all-around stand-up guy. His connections have been made through the work he delivers but solidified by his personable character.

Over the last year, Tall Zebra Designs has grown into a full-service digital marketing agency. In 2020, Alex gained some pretty large clients that came with a bigger workload, so he recruited Conor, for Graphic Design and myself, Nicole, for Content Writing and Social Media. We’re a very hardworking team, all talented in our own fields, and together cover all bases of digital marketing. We’re each committed to not just personal development but the growth of the business in its new chapter too. We bounce ideas back and forth, learn from each other every day, and all assist one another to gain the best results for our clients.

There are many exciting times ahead for Tall Zebra Designs including a move into an office of our very own, where we can make the space unique and a real testament to our brand, somewhere we will all feel humbled to work every day!

Just like any business, it is our very nature to be looking forwards, planning our next move & evolving with the latest marketing technologies but this week, we think it’s very important that we take the time to reflect. Operating a business may be challenging and daunting but that is why at times like these we must reap the benefits and celebrate the positives and successes!

We’re feeling grateful for the journey, the learning curves, the growth, the clients we have worked with along the way & everything else in between.

Here’s to the next five, plus many more…


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