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How can blogging improve your sales?

By 19th April 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
How can blogging improve your sales? | Tall Zebra Designs

For smaller businesses, blogging can often be a problematic subject. Writing copy is time-consuming, it requires staying informed, being well-researched and being educated on search engine optimisation too. It’s easy to become disheartened from the lack of engagement your copy gains too.  

However, it’s not all doom and gloom… you don’t know who your silent readers are or how many are invested in your words. If you don’t have any conversion tools to analyse your website traffic, you also may not realise just how many leads and sales are being pulled through from your blog articles. So, don’t lose faith, keep typing…

Here are four reasons why blogging improves your sales:  

Everyone loves a freebie 

It is refreshing to see content that is informative and interesting without directly trying to impose a service or product on its audience. You can subtly reference the services you offer without harsh selling. Blogs are a friendly and inviting aspect of a website where the user can gain knowledge and take something away for free. 

Gain the right audience 

Blogs contain relevant information and keywords surrounding your product or service. If well-written and search engine optimised, then the topics covered within your blog will match what your ideal clients search for on Google, even if it’s a niche subject! When blogging, you can explore lots of subjects that are relevant to your business and attract clients who were not actively looking to purchase but have done so as they have found something of interest on your website. 

Grow your social media 

Social platforms love shareable content. If multiple people share your blog, then not only will it generate organic exposure, but the algorithms will favour you too. Simply by blogging, you will end up at the top of more people’s feeds and in the discoverable section too, this equates to a larger following and a larger click-through rate to your website.  

Let blogging show your culture 

You don’t just have to blog about topical information or products. You can talk about exciting changes within your business. You can share recruitment news, new premises information, awards ceremonies, share ‘a day in the life of…’ and even promote charitable work or events you are hosting. Blogging is a great way humanise your business. People buy from people.  

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