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How to grow my construction business

By 23rd May 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
How to grow my construction business | Tall Zebra Designs

Whether you are a property developer, a plant & crane hire business, a contractor or a single trades person we have compiled the best ways for you to grow your construction business. We’ve outlined what to invest in, what to outsource and also things you can do yourself.  


Things to invest in (££££)

These are all one-off payments that set you off to a great start and grow your construction business, successfully. 

A website, if you don’t have one, you need one, even as a single tradesperson.  

If you do have one that is outdated, it needs to be updated and refreshed. Your website is your shop front, it needs to invite people in, prompt them to choose to work with you, remember you, potentially utilize your services at a later date or recommend them to another person. We can create minimal, image-focused websites with crisp logos and graphics that are easy for users to navigate and mobile-friendly.  

Branding is what makes you stand out.  

There are so many products on the market that are the same or extremely similar, but their branding creates their success and makes them unique. People buy into a brand, and it is no different in this industry. Consistency is key when defining your business. We can help you identify your niche and create a strong brand identity through logo design, imagery, typography, positioning, colour schemes, branded documents and marketing collateral. 

Outsource and see results (££)

Here are ongoing services you should be including in your monthly marketing budget and out-sourcing to a professional digital marketing agency, like us. We believe these are essential to growing your construction business.

 SEO Marketing.  

This helps you optimise your website to achieve higher rankings on search engines like Google. A good digital agency will then analyse your data and show you the leads gained from your higher rankings. We are constantly tracking and tweaking the Ads of our clients in order to optimise their performance and ultimately the profits earned from them.

Pay Per Click Marketing is not just for larger businesses it’s great for smaller businesses too. 

You get to decide how much you are willing to spend on each keyword. Digital agencies work to your budget and help decide the best keywords and phrases for your business to get them in front of the right people. We help to ensure we have the correct people clicking on our client’s ads, going through to their website, and onto their products. 

 Google Ads of varying kinds  

We are experts in Google Ads and are proud to have a Google Partner Certification. We can ensure you have aesthetically pleasing, well-written and strategically formulated ads across Google, its partner sites, and apps. We don’t believe in automation, we define, create and target all our campaigns specifically, this helps us keep the costs down for our clients too.   

 Retargeting Adverts is where a lot of profit can be gained 

By looking at the results of your Ads and your website analytics, we use the data to track the customers who have visited your website, shown an interest but not committed to purchasing and then re-target them, encouraging them to revisit and checkout. We can specifically target offers to these customers too.  


Quick wins (Free) 

These are all things you can do yourself without assistance. These are all free-of-charge ways you can grow your construction business. 

 Get yourself listed on Google. This is a must!  

Years ago, the construction industry thrived from word of mouth and local recommendations. Google my business is the modern-day, digital version of that. It’s simple and quick to set up and you can send links to all your previous clients to get instant testimonials. If you’re a solo tradesperson just starting out then you can have relevant employers leave you short character reviews instead. You will also show up on location-based searches with your address and contact details.  

Focus on two social channels to grow your construction business.  

Your construction business type should determine the social pages you focus on the most. You should always set up a Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook & Twitter with the same handle, closest to your business name so you are easily identifiable. We then think it’s only necessary to focus on the two most relevant channels to your business. For a property developer, for example, we would say Linkedin and Instagram. Linkedin to build professional relationships and connect with investors and Instagram to display your portfolio, your brand and your personality. These need to be populated more regularly, than the other channels but make sure you do thread through valuable information to the other channels too, just in case you have potential clients on them. 

 Call to action buttons 

Litter your content with them. Make sure they are present on your website, all social posts (especially FB & Instagram stories), and on LinkedIn make sure you have links to your website contact form attached to all posts, on all Google ads and on any email campaigns too. 

If you’re in the process of launching or feel you need to expand and grow your construction business, we’re always available for support.