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How to best market your business on LinkedIn 

By 21st June 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
How to best market your business on Linkedin

Connect, connect connect  

On your personal LinkedIn profile, you can type in the desired job titles of the people you want to connect with in the search field, this helps you filter through everybody else in order to find valuable people who will be interested in what you do.


Invite people to like your business page 

You get 100 shares per month. You can select your connections and spread awareness of your page. 


Get rid of the jargon  

Be relaxed about it, Linkedin isn’t your university application. The more human and down-to-earth you appear the more people will engage with you. Keep it casual but mind yours P’s and Q’s.


You don’t need your life story on your profile  

When you flood your LinkedIn profile with paragraphs of information, high school achievements, and every single job that you’ve ever had, it can be off-putting and difficult for people to understand the relevancy of their connection with you.


Claim your FREE ad credit  

Linkedin often share offers and promotional credit and they are legitimate! Usually, you will find they will offer you £50 or £100, sometimes both! Use them and trial some ads, if they’re successful and gain you some solid leads (which you can track in Campaign Manager) then you know it’s worth you applying some of your marketing budgets to them.  


Use Linkedin for recruitment 

The next time you have a vacancy, advertise it on your profile and business page. People often share and promote this type of post in an attempt to be helpful to their own connections. You could end up with a new employee on the back of this as well as some new page followers and potential clients too.  


Share your expertise  

Create content that contains hints, tips, and information you think is crucial to your business. Others will find this super helpful. 


Employees are influencers 

Ensure all your employees are following the company page. You can have it written into their contracts that they must share company updates on their own Linkedin too. This helps to spread brand awareness. 


If you’d like any assistance with social media marketing or paid social ads, then we’re your people. Reach out for a chat.