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What should a graphic design brief include?

By 12th July 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
What should a graphic design brief include? | Tall Zebra Designs

We have lots of clients who know exactly what they want and already have a set of brand guidelines in place, but on the opposite end of the spectrum we have those who suffer a little from a ‘brief block’. Those who kind of know what they are looking to achieve but don’t really know how to articulate it. We are equipped to help with this, by breaking down exactly what we need to know into manageable chunks in order to produce the best work achievable for the brand. Here’s what a graphic design brief should include:

Your Audience 

Think in terms of demographics, age range, gender, income bracket, business owners or retail customers etc. The clearer the picture you paint of your audience, the more scope the graphic designer has to work with.  

What’s your budget?  

Your budget will be able to outline how much time the graphic designer should dedicate to your project. The more time they spend the wider their creative parameter can be. 

What would you like to be designed? 

Logos, flyers, vehicle decals, exhibition stands, business cards, social graphics or profile images, website pages, email templates, email signatures, email banners, marketing ads (print & digital), brochures, catalogues, videos and animations can all be created. 

The tone of the project 

Do you want your brand voice to come across as super upbeat and chirpy, straightforward to the point and professional, flamboyant and expressive, positive and relatable or humorous and witty? The more adjectives, the better! Providing they’re not contradictory. 

The problem you’re solving 

Why have you approached us? What is your overall goal/ outcome? Here’s your chance to tell us about your business and its current limitations… 

Your competition 

List your competitors by adding a hyperlink to their website or social channels so we can take inspiration from what they do well and avoid where we think they are going wrong.  

Aesthetic graphic design ideas 

Create a board on Pinterest or send us an album of images that you like the look and feel of so we can use them as inspiration for the project. If you like a particular artist or another brand’s content, then show us. Do you already know the colour pallet you want to go with? Tell us that too.  

Anything else you think is important  

This could be listing things you do not want to include I.e., a specific colour you dislike or a particular font you want to avoid. 

How do you intend on measuring the success of the project 

We can help formulate marketing strategies that will track the return on your graphic design investment. We can create campaigns that measure the success of your newly branded materials. 


When do you want the first draft completed? When do you want the overall project finished? Is our work a part of a wider campaign or re-brand?  Can we schedule check-in days? Making sure these dates and times are clear from the outset clears the path for any misunderstanding and contributes to the overall success of the graphic design project! 


If you would like any creative graphic design work completed, get in touch.