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How to sell your property development without an estate agent

By 19th July 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
How to sell your property development without an estate agent | Tall Zebra Designs

Estate agents are the obvious choice when looking to sell a property. They are also the only route to take to have your property published on Rightmove as you cannot advertise on the platform as a private seller. 

But, what if we said you don’t need either? Selling a property without Rightmove is possible, you just need the support of an awesome digital marketing agency, like us. Here’s how you can sell your build independently, with our marketing support:  


Local SEO 

You’ve already got a website, right? Presumably, as a property developer, you’ll be advertising your services. All you need is an additional page on your website which can be used to showcase properties for sale – we can design & build this! We can also create a location-specific landing page to pull in local traffic on Google. That way when people are searching ‘Home for sale Lancashire/Essex/Surrey’ you are going to appear in the search. We have lots of experience in improving local rankings on Google. 


Property CGIs 

With every build, you require an architect. All good-calibre architects will offer CGI images and 3D architectural renderings as part of their services. When going through an estate agent the vast majority would charge you an extra fee or include them in an additional ‘marketing package’ in order to have these drawn up and used on their site. This way you can pay for them directly without a middleman fee and allow us to add them to your website & socials. CGIs are a great way of building interest pre-completion. 


Social channels 

Here’s a tip, you’d be surprised how many homes are selling purely from social media channels, and not even business-related ones, personal ones. Think about it, if you live in the area or close by to the area where you are selling a development, most of your friends will do too. When you share your development to your profile it will ripple into a wider network of local people – A totally free and surprisingly effective way to sell a property! We can help with creating content for your business socials. Our content creator can create compelling posts with the help of our graphic designer incorporating your CGIs into branded images.  


Paid ads 

Ads that you are in control of. When we mention ads, people think you need to spend £ 1000s but that’s not true. We work to your budget. As well as Google, there are also Meta Business Suite ads and LinkedIn ads. We can help you advertise on one or all and set your budget as little or large as you’d like. We monitor campaigns and see which generates the most leads then pause, amend and set up new campaigns accordingly. As soon as we have a buyer for your property, they will be switched off immediately. So that means if you sell on day three then you only pay for three days’ worth of ads, a much more cost-effective solution than a flat rate estate agent marketing package.  


Selling off-plan & USP’s

To take the pressure off whilst building we could help you begin advertising pre-completion using CGI’s. As an incentive to purchase without compromising on price, you could offer fixture and décor choices. To create the illusion customers are getting something custom for free. Line up samples of flooring, doors, window frames, and worktops that are all a similar price as your standard options and let the customer choose. As well as letting them pick custom elements you can also let them select colours too. Customising feels like a premium element even though it will be at no extra cost to you and gives us a USP to add to your marketing collateral.  If you have other USP’s i.e. Eco-friendly features we will be sure to highlight them for you too.



Our graphic designer can create large billboard signs to advertise your development. Ideally, they will be placed on the edge of the site, visible to traffic. This sign should contain ‘Home(s) For Sale’ your company number, your logo, and branding. We do not have to make the sign development-specific excluding the property price and CGI’s, so it can be used repeatedly for different developments. That is of course a personal and budget-related preference. 


Feeling confident? Ready to sell property independently, be in control of your budget and not have to give a hefty percentage of profit away to an estate agency? Get in touch!