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Why it’s easier to grow your business on TikTok than Meta

By 26th July 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
Why its easier to grow your business on TikTok than Meta | Tall Zebra Designs

Short videos 

According to the app, the best and most successful TikTok videos are between 7 – 15 seconds in length. In just one day you could create a month’s worth of content, this is super cost and time effective. 


TikTok Trends 

You will never be scratching your head wondering what content to create and post as there are always trending videos you can create your own version of. There are often TikTok challenges and TikTok sounds you can add your own visuals to. It’s not all about silly dance moves either, there are all different kinds of trending videos including ones which just require images. 



Tiktok loves tutorials. It’s a great chance to show what your business does. Many businesses will make their TikToks aesthetically pleasing, play about with angles, and use the voice-over feature to narrate or narrate with their own voice. Your job is something you do every day so you might not think it is content-worthy but trust us, others will find it interesting. It’s a really effective way of humanising your brand too. Searches for tutorials are higher on TikTok than on any other platform (besides Youtube! of course). 


Favourable Algorithms 

TikTok does not share the same algorithm method as other platforms. It’s an opportunity to tap into a client base you never knew you had, it’s phenomenal for gaining overseas clients and sales too. Providing you generate some interest in your videos with a decent view rate they will always feature on the homepage to the masses, on other platforms you have to have at least one viral video or a humongous following for that to happen. The organic reach of TikTok really is incredible. 



The ads on TikTok are much cheaper than those in the Meta business suite and Linkedin. You’re paying less per click and impression and getting so much more for your money. 



There’s less of it on TikTok. Of course, there are more businesses catching on daily but right now there are a lot of industries not represented much at all, here’s your chance to step in! At first, nobody really took TikTok seriously and it had a much younger demographic but now there are artisans, independents, and small, medium, and even large businesses creating videos on the platform and seeing success from it. 



The Meta business suite can be a minefield- they change things all the time too! Let’s not even get started on the profile and page situation, having to jump through hoops of fire just to log into your business page via your personal profile, it’s all very odd. Tiktok has a much more user-friendly Ad interface, it just flows much better and is certainly easier to create, edit and monitor Ads.

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