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Host a digital event to boost your construction company’s profile

By 16th August 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
Host a digital event to boost your construction company's profile | Tall Zebra Designs

If you’ve been working in the construction industry for years then it’s likely you’ve got ample amounts of tips, tricks, helpful information, and general knowledge at hand ready to share with others in the industry. You could also tailor your event to old, new or prospective clients by making the event focused on getting the best of your product or service. You can easily capitalize on your expertise and not just in a monetary sense but in many ways. Here’s how hosting a webinar or digital event can boost your construction company’s profile…

Brand awareness

When the same type of ads, products, or branded content is presented to people they may not take notice. However, a webinar or event that offers them new information and fresh ideas is always going to stand out. When you advertise your event it’s likely that it will briefly explain what people will get out of the session and how they will feel after completing the course. When a feeling is attached to an advertisement it generates a much better response. For those who don’t buy a ticket, at the very least they will look at your website, follow you on socials, be interested in future events you host or simply remember you.


People who share useful knowledge and real-life experiences tend to be well respected, especially by those in the same field. Anybody who may have been sat on the fence about buying your product or using your service may just take the plunge upon seeing you are so confident in your own expertise.

Grow your mailing list

Essentially, it’s a great marketing opportunity. Afterward, you can mingle or offer people slots to go in a separate zoom, teams or skype room with you. This is your chance to make a more personal impression and build relationships. Also, everyone who registered their interest or attends will provide their contact details, so you instantly have those people to add to your mailing list for future offers.

Generate leads

The people who attend your webinar or digital event will likely see further value in your product or services and on the back of it may purchase or recommend someone to you.

Gain a more significant social following

People who see ads for your event and especially those who decide to attend will most likely follow you on social media to receive updates about the event and get to know your company a little better. On social channels, especially LinkedIn, the platform shares what events your contacts are attending therefore your event could be boosted to a larger audience organically. People may even search for ‘free virtual events‘ and stumble upon you.

Exposure from the Ad’s to showcase the event

Lots of people within your target audience are going to see your Ad but not everybody will essentially buy tickets, but some may click through and peek at your website instead and potentially buy your product or service.

Record the webinar and continue to sell it

You’ll be able to hit record at the start of the event and capture the whole thing. This means it can be used in the future for staff training, you can add it to your website as a purchase option where people who were unable to attend the event can buy it or you can offer it heavily discounted or free to clients who purchase your product or service. it will pose as an incentive, here’s a great example.  Either way, I can be repurposed in multiple ways.

One final thing to add is that if you charge a small fee for the webinar that will likely pay for the advertising costs that you paid to market it. You might want to take the time to create some digital resources too, but apart from that, hosting is free as it’s virtual, and it will only cost you your time. Alternatively, by keeping the event free and taking the costs out of your own marketing budget people will likely be humbled by your generosity, which in turn increases your likability. If you gain clients on the back of it, then the whole event will likely pay for itself ten times over. Either way, it’s a win-win if you ask us.

If you’d like any help planning, hosting or marketing your webinar or digital event get in touch!