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Conversion Marketing Simplified

By 11th October 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
Conversion Marketing Simplified | Tall Zebra Designs

When it comes to conversion marketing we steer clear of bombarding clients with a sea of acronyms and technical jargon.  You can read articles with reels and reels of text about conversion marketing but ultimately, to convert something means to sell it. That’s all it is.  

All but too many times have we heard sentences from other marketing agencies like “We can analyse your overall UX then use CTAs to track the CTRs and monitor the overall ROI via a CRM.”  


Not everyone understands this, and it complicates the task at hand. The reason clients come to us is that they want to relieve the pressures of conversion marketing they don’t want to be confused or overwhelmed by it all over again.  


We keep things simple. So, when a client comes to us and we are tasked with focusing on conversion marketing, we translate the above jargon into plain, colloquial English.


With something along the lines of… 


We will look at your current strategy and see how easy it is for a potential customer to be directed to purchase your services or products. We will look to add or amend things like the call-to-action buttons on your website and see if it encourages more people to click them and commit to a purchase. We will analyse exactly how much of your budget we have used and compare it to how many sales have been generated from the new changes we made. We can track everything via HubSpot which is a management platform that allows you to see how well all marketing campaigns set up by us perform and the exact revenue you have made from them. 


The way we see it is, to excel at conversion marketing,  you need to make it as clear and as easy as possible for people to buy something from you. People need to be signposted and it needs to be a quick and smooth process from first seeing your business services to checking out. Here are our top 5 recommended tips for conversion marketing:


Call to action buttons 

These are one of the best ways of prompting people to commit to a purchase. Studies show that people interact differently with different coloured and sized buttons, so it is worth conducting a little research and maybe even adjusting your brand colour palette to align with this. They need to stand out, it’s important not to use white, brown, grey or any other neutral shades as they blend into website backgrounds. It’s also important to have the correct wording within your buttons and not just have them placed in one or two places on your website, they need to be available on most pages.


Links in social posts and stories

You need to utilise social media. When you’re taking the time to use social media for organic growth and post about your products or services make sure you have an active link in your bio. Amend the link in your bio to match the service you are posting about and always re-share your post to your stories with the relevant link attached. You can play about with editing the call to action here too. Platforms like Instagram allow you to track link clicks which is great and it’s free! Of course, when working with paid ads on socials this may seem obvious but ensure you link the correct products or checkout page to your Ad, streamlining the process for customers. Conversion marketing can be extremely effective on social media because it’s fast-paced, people are relaxed, and will often buy on impulse.

Landing pages 

It seems crazy that people lose interest somewhere along the journey of clicking on a Google search result or ad after searching for a product or service they require and landing on your homepage. Strange but it happens, people don’t want to trawl through all your website to find what they want and then checkout. They will simply click off your website and onto another page that puts the information clearly to them and prompts a checkout.

This is why landing pages are so useful in conversion marketing. You can create multiple different ones to increase conversions. You can essentially create a page that corresponds exactly with the Google search results or Ads that you have created. On the landing page is a brief overview of the information on your home page and maybe about page but with wording and calls to action that align with the potential customer’s Google search or the Ad they clicked on. Landing pages are also notoriously littered with multiple calls to action to encourage a swift checkout.  



It’s even quicker than Paypal, it doesn’t require any logging in, no hunting for wallets or purses to get a credit card out, it’s instant. And, don’t feel guilty for encouraging an impulse purchase because if you are confident enough in your brand and product you know your customer won’t regret it. We see so many abandoned checkouts on Eccomerce stores that don’t offer multiple purchase options. It’s predicted that by 2025 more than 53% of people will pay for online purchases with their mobile via a digital wallet like Apple Pay. 


Lead tracking software 

At this point, I feel like we mention Hubspot in almost every blog and no we’re not in paid partnership with them we just think their platform is the perfect complement to the services we offer and makes our processes much more streamlined and accurate. It’s also super user-friendly for our clients and is a great way for them to track their own results, we don’t keep data under lock and key, our clients can access it as and when they wish. If a conversion marketing campaign is not working the way we would like it to, Hubspot will highlight this and then we use the data to help you figure out why and then make appropriate amendments. 


Upgrade your brochure website 

If you’re selling products, it’s likely you will have an e-commerce website. However, even when you’re offering a service it still pays to have an e-commerce website. This would enable people to add your services and packages straight into their basket and checkout. Most people do like a meeting or a call with you before committing to your services long-term so that’s why you can offer a discovery call as a purchasable option but offer a FREE code, so they don’t have to pay. This will help you sift through tire kickers because people have had to go through a system to book a meeting, it feels more legitimate and can help people value your time more if they think that this is usually a chargeable service. Offers, promotions, codes do really help with conversion marketing but of course, it’s important not to overdo it. 


 If you need help with conversion marketing or any form of digital marketing, just reach out and we’ll be on hand to help!