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Why blogging about your product-based business is essential

By 19th May 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
Why blogging about your product-based business is essential | Tall Zebra | Digital Agency

We’ve covered the importance of blogging and how it can improve your sales. We’ve also explained how you can get started. However this time we’re delving into more detail and specifically focusing on online product-based businesses, showing you the exact strategies to apply to your blogging in order to gain the most return from it.


Easily link Pinterest

Every single image which you include on your blog can be very easily pinned via a single link to Pinterest. This way, when your image pops up on a potential customer’s Pinterest search, they can click on it and be taken directly to the product page on your website. It’s free and it’s quick (depending on how long you take to write your blog), and it provides a backlink from your website to another, which helps legitimize your content to help you to be ranked and indexed better by Google.  


Additonal Social Content  

Think about it, from one blog you might be able to create several forms of content. You can break it up into short bitesize chunks suitable for platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok & FB. This can save you so much time. Ultimately each social post can have your full blog link attached directing traffic to your website too, it’s a win-win.  


Blogging keeps your website current  

Blogs keep your website freshly populated. One of the first things we personally check for when looking at a business’s website is its blog and news section. If that’s not been updated in a while, it tells you several things about the business. Maybe it’s not active anymore, not legitimate, understaffed or overworked, unorganized etc. Either way, not keeping your blogs and news articles up to date will likely deter shoppers from wanting to buy from you, especially if the product is an investment piece. 


Provide more detail  

Sometimes a picture or a short video clip doesn’t do a product justice, you need to show it styled up in different ways. Explain its different uses and functions, show it in different places where it can look aesthetically pleasing and shout about client testimonials of how people are now better off from purchasing the product. This extra content is perfect in a blog format and can really help sell the product.  


Sell a lifestyle through blogging

One of the main reasons influencer marketing works so unbelievably well is because the fans of the influencers are invested in the influencer’s brand and lifestyle. They see aspects of the influencer’s life that they want for themselves, hence why essentially trivial videos like ‘A Day in the life of’, ‘Come shopping with me’, and ‘What I eat in a day’ are so popular. People are invested. So, when an influencer promotes a product, they also promote the lifestyle attached to it. By blogging about your product(s) directly or utilizing guest blogs from influencers, from the angle of improving people’s lifestyles, people will buy into it.