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The importance of digital marketing in property development  

By 17th November 2023February 26th, 2024No Comments
The importance of digital marketing in property development

Digital marketing refers to the use of digital and online channels to promote products or services to reach potential customers.

What digital marketing activities work for property developers?  

Digital marketing activities include: 

  • SEO 
  • Copywriting 
  • Email marketing 
  • PPC advertising 
  • Organic social media  
  • Paid social media  

There are loads of ways for businesses to market their products online, but how does it work for property developers?  

The key thing to think about is, that by investing in marketing for your development, your potential buyers get to know you. By providing a human touch and making your marketing clear and personable you’re able to build relationships with potential buyers, making them more likely to enquire.  

How can you market a development that hasn’t been built yet? 

Share a story  

When marketing your development, you want to build trust. This can be done by telling a story, about you, about your properties. Use social media to document the journey from field to a 9-property development, and write case studies showing before, afters and how you got there. Showcase the location, local coffee shops, restaurants, attractions, and even schools. By showing potential buyers what’s in the area, allows them to picture themselves living there.  

Imagery is important  

Ever heard the phrase ‘a picture tells 1000 words?’ In a world of TikTok and reels, people want to be told things quickly, an image can do that easily. When taking images to share on social media, on your website, within blogs etc, ensure the highest resolution possible, this makes it easier on the eyes.  

The channels you advertise on should be determined by your audience

If you’re focussing more on landlords, estate agents or commercial clients, LinkedIn should be your focus. LinkedIn content should be a mixture of images, press, awards, stories etc. You should be able to directly connect with potential clients in your target market. LinkedIn also has its own paid ads platform which works to target specifically, to bring in leads.  

If your audience is the average homeowner in the UK, the best social platforms are Facebook and Instagram. Both meta-owned social media sites have enormous audiences and an advertising suite which allows you to hit specific audiences.  

So… Why should you invest in digital marketing?

There are loads of ways to incorporate digital marketing strategies into your property development business, to showcase your properties as well as your building services. It’s better to do so and keep up with digital trends, so as to not be left in the dust by competition as technology advances. It’s important to foster online relationships with potential clients so they’re more inclined to think of you when they need a product or service you provide. Contact us for help with your digital marketing.