Website Content Updates

Is it easy to update my own website?

Yes. We include an easy to use Content Management System that requires little code knowledge. Our websites can include page builders that also enable you to take full control of editing the structure of each individual page. Take a look at our user guides on understanding the basics –

Why is my website slow after uploading new images?

Your website is running slow after a recent image upload because the image will be too large and takes a lot of time to load. You should always stick to our  suggested dimensions and try to compress the image to a smaller file size without compromising the quality. We advise to have 180-200kb as the maximum image size.


If you are unsure on what dimensions to use, simply get in touch with out support team and they’ll be happy to help –

How do I amend the international postage rates?

You can be change the rates on your international postage by by going to  WooCommerce > Settings > Shipping > Shipping Zones > International > International Postage. In here you’ll see the shipping class that can be selected and edited to include the new rates. Simply click save changes and it will update all of your product international shipping rates automatically.

Is there a way of creating a discount code that's only valid once per customer?

Yes, you can limit the amount of times a user can use the coupon code. Simply go to add a new coupon in WooCommerce and click on the Usage Limits tab and then type in 1 in the field that says Usage Limit Per User. 

Will I receive Technical Updates?

Yes. We update our servers on a regular basis to make sure our websites are secure, fast and reliable.

Website & Domain Transfer

What is the process of transferring a website?

Transferring a website is a simple four step process.

  1. Backup and download all of the website files including databases and email storage.
  2. Set up new hosting with enough space for your website.
  3. Upload the website files and databases.
  4. Transfer the domain, create the existing emails and upload the full email history.

Will I loose my email history?

No, we will always backup your email history before the transfer. This guarantees that your emails will never be lost.

Is all of my data kept secure?

We follow the Data Protection Act and will always keep your data secure and confidential during the transfer.

Design & Copyright

Do I own the copyright for the work?

The copyright is always owned by the creator of the work. Ownership can be granted by the creator and in our process this is given upon the final payment.

Can any one else use the design I paid for?

No, only the person/company with the ownership is allowed to use the design, unless otherwise agreed with the creator.