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FREE money & credits start-up businesses can take advantage of 

By 18th November 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
FREE money & credits start-up businesses can take advantage of | Tall Zebra Designs

We love working with start-ups and getting stuck in helping excited new business owners at the start of their journey, physically bringing all their creative ideas to life. The prospect of contributing to something which could become an iconic, reputable and successful brand gives us just as much of a buzz as it does to our clients. We really route for start-ups, especially starting out in today’s tough financial climate. That’s we like to lend a hand where we can, here’s free money and credits start-up businesses can take advantage of…



This offer is one we’ve personally trailed and tested and can confirm it works, with no catch! Currently, Faire allows UK retailers to receive £100 to spend on wholesale goods when they sign up to a free account with them using a link from another active brand on their site. You need to pick a brand that has a good inventory and that is relevant to your business as you will use the £100 credit to spend in their Faire shop and, receive 1 year free shipping with the same brand too.  

This is perfect if you’re a product or clothing retailer or if you rent or own a physical establishment offering a service to the public. As this offer gives you free credits with no obligations to re-order, there’s no stopping you from having a small pop-up display selling products that relate to your business to make some extra £££. A great example is, if you’re a coffee shop owner you could purchase some stunning handcrafted ceramic mugs on Faire for your customers or use the £100 to buy things to decorate your establishment.  

For a limited time, Faire are also offering UK based retailers who sign up through a brand from France or Germany an extra £50 totalling £150 of free credit! We particularly love this offer as it doesn’t just help start-up businesses but established businesses too.



You can launch your first Linked in campaign with $100 credit, this works out about £84. There is no minimum spend and no regular fee added to your account thereafter. This is totally worth trailing, even if you don’t feel Linked in ads are a suitable marketing tool for your business, you never know… 

You don’t even have to advertise your products on Linkedin, you could promote yourself via your business page, share your story with a wider audience and encourage them to connect. If they like you and what you have to say it could lead to business opportunities and sales down the line. We’re well-rehearsed in LinkedIn campaigns, so if you need any assistance give us a shout.  

Although we’re not a start-up business, as we have a high spend on Linkedin from lots of client campaigns, we’re gifted the occasional credit too, super helpful and if these type of ads work for your business it’s a huge bonus, competitor sites like Meta and Tiktok don’t tend to offer credits of this calibre. 

Now you want to avoid all the business and start-up loans stuff, as you’ve got to pay those back but there are schemes, grants and support in place for specific businesses in different localities that are totally free.  

You can have a browse for everything on offer under your local district or council and see if they apply to your business. You can filter the sections on the left and hand side and just select ‘Grant’ and ‘Expertise and advice’ and type your county in the search bar. We’re hoping to see some new help available in 2023, so keep checking! 


Switch your bank account 

Did you know you can get up to £200 just for changing your bank!? 

So, if you’re a sole trader, freelancer, or contracting (but not through a limited company), e.g. hairdresser, journalist, gardener, designer, developer…. Then, you’re not required to open a business account as your business, or your self-employment isn’t legally separate from you. This means you can take advantage of personal and current account offers that banks provide.  The best offer we can find, suggested by the great Martin Lewis himself, is the Nationwide FlexDirect account which will a pay each customer a free £200 for switching an account to them. Plus, you get 5% fixed interest on up to £1,500 and a 0% overdraft. Sounds like a win to us. 



This offer is for free accounting software that’s free forever, not just a free trial! 

This is ideal for start-up businesses that are in the early stages of their journey before the time has come to commission or employ an accountant. We can’t personally vouch for them, but they seem pretty legit, if the reviews are anything to go by. Of course, the free Crunch software only has basic features but ultimately could save you at least £250 per annum until you hit the big time. 


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