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Your FREE downloadable social content calendar & guide for 2023

By 23rd December 2022February 6th, 2023No Comments
Free downloadable social content calendar for 2023 | Tall Zebra Designs

Social content has become key in promoting a successful business. The landscape of the marketing world has changed loads since the rise of the internet and the growth and dominance of social media platforms.


Social content is a blessing in the sense that you have the freedom and creativity to promote and share whatever you believe is best suitable for your business. You can also directly connect with your demographic and audience, track your performance and learn from the patterns and data your social content gains, then use it to refine your output.


However, the curse of social content is that there are so many rules, algorithms and faux pas connected to posting, it kind of takes the fun out of it. Dare we even mention the amount of time and effort that can go into just one single image, a 60-second read blog post or a 30-second Reel or Tiktok? There’s also a huge pressure to keep your social channels regularly populated and to follow trends, it’s exhausting when you really think about it…


That’s why, to take some of the pain away from social content, we have created a FREE downloadable social content calendar & guide for 2023. We’ve designed it in a way we feel really simplifies the process of content planning.


We feel the key to great social content is first and foremost, organisation. We know some businesses like to plan their content weekly and others monthly, so we have two calendars for you to choose from, or try both if you like.


Our weekly content calendar

This calendar is great for those who have a content-heavy focused business and have more time, perhaps a business with more staff or a dedicated person to constantly work on the social content. A weekly calendar works particularly well if you like to follow social trends, re-create viral TikTok and Reels as well as creating posts using trending hashtags, and sharing topical information. As you know, trends and certain pieces of news are here one week and then gone the next. We’ve allowed space for a weekly focus, something you want to achieve, create or focus on that week and also a space for notes and any paid socials or influencer campaigns ongoing that week.


Our monthly content calendar

This is ideal for most businesses, from small single-person businesses right through to larger companies who are regularly in check with their social channels and like to post a variety of content throughout the month, perhaps some trending but also a lot of organic content. Again, on the monthly calendar, there is also a space for a monthly focus, a segment to note paid ads ongoing that month and any more notes.


Attached to both calendars is a small content guide that highlights monthly focus ideas and tips to help you stay ahead of your content game, as well as trending and topical social post ideas for every month of the year.


Our advice

We think overtly fancy calendars, spreadsheets, and guides can hinder your creative process and overcomplicate something which can already easily become quite difficult.


Our best advice is of course to use our FREE downloadable social content calendar and guide for 2023 but also to not force your stream of content, don’t mould your business to suit a trend, be your authentic self and keep posting because people are watching, and taking note, trust us.