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The best ways to promote your small-town bar online 

By 20th January 2023May 16th, 2023No Comments
The best ways to promote your small-town bar online | Tall Zebra

 In 2020, there were 58 bars in the UK for every 100k people (ONS). That’s approx. one per 1,700 people. In recent years with the rise of social media, there has been increased marketing in the food and drink sector, especially in big cities, thanks to online food blogs and social accounts.   


Marketing your bar, pub or restaurant digitally is the best way to keep ahead of the competition, here’s what we’d recommend: 


Understand your customers online activity

Your patrons may be young 20-somethings who spend a lot of time on TikTok and Instagram but equally, your customers could be mid 30’s – 40’s, Facebook savvy and super receptive to email campaigns. When promoting yourself online it’s important to know how your customers use social media, so you are targeting the right people for your business.  


Post consistently to your socials  

When you think you have nothing to post, think again! Use your social media profiles to keep people in your local area in the loop with new drink offers, aesthetically pleasing photos of your interior and drinks, staff at work, events, local news etc. Create polls on what potential customers might want to see from you in terms of new drinks, seasonal offers etc. People don’t only care about your business, they care about their local area, you can win business by showing that you also care about the local area.   


Build (or update) your website 

A website might seem like a lot of work, but it’s an investment. In 2023, every business needs a website to extend its online reach and boost its online presence in line with competitors. If you’re established in your area but don’t get much footfall from people who live out of your area, a website is a great way to showcase your brand to a wider audience of people.  


Post your menu online  

If I’m going to a bar, pub or restaurant (literally anywhere that has a menu) I check that menu online at least 5 times before I step through the doors! I’m not alone in this, in a 2019 study, 77% of diners said they checked menus online before visiting. In short – get your menu online to boost brand awareness, traffic, and footfall!   


Add yourself to google maps  

It’s a simple process, and it puts your business directly on the map. Adding your business to google maps makes it easier for customers to find, and increases literal footfall, but it can also increase digital traffic to your website or socials.  


If you need any help with your marketing in your small bar, pub or restaurant, get in touch for a chat!