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Why your business NEEDS guerrilla marketing

By 3rd March 2023March 20th, 2023No Comments
Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing is a unique form of marketing which is able to raise brand awareness with large audiences. It works by causing a stir in the environment around your customers, without interrupting their day-to-day activity, giving them a choice but to be faced with your ads. Guerrilla marketing relies on the element of surprise and shock to drive publicity.


A great example of this technique you may remember is the Superlambanana campaign, where large sculptures were placed across the city of Liverpool. This campaign wasn’t there to market one business, but rather to promote: the city as a destination, the artist Taro Chiezo and his ArtTransPennine exhibition, as well as promoting the dangers of genetic engineering.


Guerrilla marketing is a way to use or change an audience’s current environment to suit your brand. There are a few ways your business can hop on this avant-garde way of showcasing products and services: 


Outdoor guerrilla marketing

This involves adding an element to external environments. It often involves companies putting branded items in an area where people are every day to gain exposure. A notable example of this is Samsung flip seats at bus stops in 2022.


Indoor guerrilla marketing

This is pretty similar to the above, but it takes place indoors, at train stations, universities etc. You may have seen designs on stairs in public places before. Here’s an example with a ‘texting lane’ for slow walkers.


Event ambush guerrilla marketing

This type of marketing uses the audience to promote something at an event, Usually without getting the go-ahead from event organisers or official sponsors. Pringles’ ‘these are not tennis balls’ for Wimbledon is an excellent example of this.


Experiential marketing

Here, businesses encourage audiences to engage with the brand or sometimes the ad, in a public space. A great example of this is MISEREORs social swipe campaign in airports. 


Guerrilla marketing is often used by huge companies and requires large investments in time, creativity and energy, but campaigns don’t have to be expensive.

We can help you promote your products and services with a creative campaign using the principles of guerrilla marketing, on an affordable budget. Give us a call, we’d love to help!