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Why does your business need reviews  

By 31st March 2023May 16th, 2023No Comments
Why does your business need reviews | Tall Zebra

Do reviews ever impact your decisions? We’re pretty sure we already know the answer.  

Reviews are one of the largest deciding factors for many consumers out there, in fact, 97% of people said customer reviews factor into their buying decisions. Think about how many times you have checked a restaurant’s reviews, or looked at the reviews and images buyers have left for clothing stores. Reviews help you see the quality of products, and understand how other people have found services.  

Boosting your brand  

If you ask customers and clients to leave google reviews to feedback on their experience with you, it can boost your appearance on Google My Business. By having those familiar yellow stars next to your name, it can boost consumers’ opinions of your business before they have even bought a product or decided on a service.  

Legitimising customer experience 

In 2021, 81% of consumers said they read Google reviews, this was for them to get an insight into the experience of real-life customers. Reviews provide social proof, think about it, if you saw there were 300 reviews rating a product as 5/5, you’d likely buy it if all the similar products have 2.6/5 star ratings from 4 reviews.  

Trend analysis 

You can easily see from reviews if there is a particular service that customers love or one that is faltering a bit. This can also be said for products, maybe buyers love the function of a particular product but hate the design. Reading reviews can help you with the development of products and services.  


Reviews are a really great way to see how consumers feel about you in comparison to your competitors. By reviewing and comparing your competitors reviews to your own, you can establish trends, see what they do differently and develop your products and services to fill gaps that they are leaving in the market.  


You can respond directly back to reviews, which means you can ensure that even if a customer hasn’t had the best service, or there’s a problem with their product, it can be solved with direct communication with them. This is often public communication so you do have to be careful what you’re saying, however by responding to reviews, positive or negative, is a great way to show you care about your clients or buyers.  

If you’re not sure how to build or interpret your reviews, get in touch! We love to talk marketing.