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Why your business needs a TikTok strategy  

By 7th April 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
Why your business needs a TikTok strategy | Tall Zebra

TikTok marketing is exactly what it sounds like, using TikTok to showcase your brand’s products, services or offerings. It’s quick, easy and relatively cheap to build an online presence for your business via short-form videos.  

TikTok is in the top 10 most popular apps in 124 countries worldwide, with over 1 billion monthly users, it’s really a no-brainer for you to start your TikTok strategy. Not only this but they offer a business account option with tools such as ads, and analytics as well as scheduling and other management tools.  


Trending sounds or video trends can go viral overnight and have the power to make an impact on society. This gives your company huge exposure to people globally – maybe these aren’t all your target audience, but it is still exposure. The sharing feature allows viewers to send through their other social media accounts to family/friends who may be in your target market.  


Ads and influencer marketing are huge on TikTok, it doesn’t have to cost loads either, and a lot of content created is purely user generated. This means that brand image and reputation can be built with little effort using TikTok’s influence alone. The Dreams challenge in 2020 led to increased purchases of Ocean Spray cranberry juice and boosted streams of Fleetwood macs ‘Dreams’ despite the challenge being created by an external party to both above, with no funding from either!  


Brands like Duolingo really slayed TikTok in 2022 – their silly Dua Lipa-obsessed owl mascot has no real link to what they sell, but their sales have increased purely by them being exposed via their outlandish TikToks. 


Although it may not be the best platform to promote businesses in every single industry, it’s a great tool to promote a business without breaking the bank. TikTok works to recommend videos that it thinks the viewer wants to see, so you can rely on its strong algorithm to help your videos to reach the right people.


TikTok is a great marketing tool and can be really effective.  

If you need help coming up with a TikTok strategy for your business, get in touch with us, and we’ll be happy to help!