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How to read Google Trends and use them for your business

By 14th April 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments

What is Google trends? 

Google trends is a website (run by Google itself) that outlines all the topics, keywords, and trending searches that the platform receives. It’s free and you don’t need to be a digital marketing expert to understand it. 

We will highlight the basics to you and explain how you can best use the information you find on Google trends to help boost your business.  


Declutter your current Ads & PPC 

If you’ve never used this tool before you’ve likely come up with the keywords in your ads, PPC and even your hashtags from the top of your head or with some other form of insights. Without knowing, you may be using words and phrases which are totally redundant. Type in each keyword you already use individually to see how well it ranks and look at the search volumes. You will be able to filter out the words and phrases not serving you and save your budget for the ones that are. 


Use the comparative tool 

If you want to optimise your budget even further, you can compare words and phrases you currently use against each other, keeping the ones that perform the best. You can apply more or less budget to your keywords and phrases on the back of your research.  


Look at the spikes  

By knowing which days of the week interest spikes for a given topic, it can help you when planning and publishing your ads and content. This way, your information is readily available to the right people at the right time. 


Narrow down the data category 

Play about with this and be nosey! By doing this you will be able to find more accurate information related to the topics you are researching for content within the correct context. You’ll be able to use the information to create blogs and social posts as well as tweak the wording and demographics of your ads.  


Related Topics & Related Queries 

These are two functions on Google trends that allow you to type in your product, service or a keyword in relation to your business and then see what else people search for alongside it. This helps you tap into new keywords and phrases you may not have thought of; you can then bid on them to use in your ads.  


Short-Term Trends  

When it comes to applying short-term trends to your business, it’s best to stick to the ones that are relevant to your product or service otherwise you could get an influx of traffic to your website from the wrong audience, (people interested in the trend but not necessarily interested in your business), so they will be unlikely to stick around and buy anything, this will have a negative effect on your conversion rate.  

However, if you keep your eye on the trends and tap into topical keywords, phrases or questions which are having a moment on Google and socials that particular week, then weave the trend into your business or socials seamlessly, you’ll gain a higher rank over your competitors and get the right people purchasing from you.  


If you need any help optimising your business or with anything marketing related, get in touch!