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How to create a marketing strategy for your construction business

By 26th May 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
How to create a marketing strategy for your small business | TZ

Did you know that 44% of construction industry professionals believe they lack the skills needed to implement a great digital marketing strategy? This could be due to lack of time, lack of budget or lack of knowledge.  

The official definition of marketing is activities a company undertakes to promote, sell, and distribute products or services. Ultimately, marketing is a way for businesses to generate interest, and in turn, sales. To market your construction business effectively you need a marketing strategy that communicates many things to your customers, crucial things to think about are:  

  • What information can you provide your customers with? 

This could be about your company in general, or specifically relating to your products, services, or experiences. 

  • What are your USPs?  

Are you showing your customers how you differ from your competitors? Of course, you know what your USPs are, but are you flaunting them to customers, is it obvious when they look on your socials i.e. listed in your bio? 

  • Who is your target market and why are you addressing them? 

What can you give to them that they’ll find valuable? Do you know what you can provide to them for free, that will make them interested enough in your brand to make an actual purchase?  


So… now you know who you are marketing to and the content you will include, you need to think about how and where you are going to market your business.

Even if you’re an established construction business, you need somewhere your customers can find you online. This could be on a website, social media channels, or a google maps/ google my business listing. Ideally, you will use a mixture of the three.  

Use SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Think of a search engine as a massive high street, people go on there to search for specific things to help them solve a problem they have. By using SEO effectively you’re placing a massive billboard at the entrance to the high street advertising what your target market wants or needs, so they don’t have to search through thousands of pages for it.  

A big part of your marketing efforts should be tracking and re-marketing to past, and prospective customers.  

Finally, it’s important to remember that enormous growth will not happen overnight, but by tracking your efforts, you can celebrate the small wins as well as the big ones. If your social media account goes from 20 followers to 35 followers, that’s growth! If your web traffic increases by 1.7%, that’s growth, and if you go from not ranking on Google to ranking 65th, you’re still ranking!  

If you need help defining your construction businesses marketing strategy, get in touch, we love to talk marketing.