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In-house vs. agency marketing, what’s the right choice for you?   

By 31st August 2023February 13th, 2024No Comments
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It can be hard to make business decisions within SMEs as the smallest change could impact the whole business. It’s understandable that some companies struggle to decide if they want to rely on a member of staff, or an external agency to do their marketing. Maybe a combination of both is the best choice.    

So how does in-house marketing differ from hiring an agency you might ask.  

One huge drawback is when companies, especially SMEs, hire a marketing person to deal with every single aspect of marketing. The staff member may lack knowledge in some areas, they may struggle to bring a new perspective as they are so deeply involved in the company, and they may be overloaded with work due to the number of marketing tasks they must work on day to day.   

Marketing agencies have numerous people involved all with different skills and knowledge relating to specific areas of marketing. This could mean Copywriters, designers, developers, PPC experts, SEO specialists, social media managers etc. Having numerous specialities on a team means anyone who employs them will get the best of the best in the areas that they wish to develop. By using an agency, it can push your messaging, with less stress and pressure on one person within your business and open the door to more growth.   

So, what do we think you should do?  

It’s probably best to have both works synonymously, a marketing manager within the business can help to direct the external marketing team, bringing fresh ideas to the table whilst the in-house manager can give company insights, communicate directly with stakeholders and help with brand and tone of voice.   

If you’re looking to work on your marketing with an external agency, get in touch, we’d love to help!