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How to start a tool & equipment hire E-commerce business

By 28th June 2022January 23rd, 2023No Comments
How to start a plant equipment & E-commerce online business | Tall Zebra Designs

We have used our digital marketing expertise, knowledge of the construction industry and experience working with many plant, tool and equipment hire clients to formulate the best way to launch a successful tool & equipment hire E-commerce business, we also suggest ways we can help.

Define your customer  

Are you going to target trade customers like builders and landscapers or private householders? 

Trade customers will often want to hire larger items – for example, local building firms may require a scaffolding tower or other bulkier equipment. Private householders and self-employed tradespeople are more likely to be looking for smaller items like a floor sander or cement mixer.  

By creating a customer profile, you can best target Ads, social posts, and your tone of voice to your ideal customer. 


Market research 

Are your tools premium? Are they branded? Are they brand new? If so, then you can look to charge more for the extra quality. You can market the reliability of your tools.

If your tools are box standard and similar to others on the market then you need to research competitors’ price points and ensure you align with them or if you can afford to, price yours slightly lower or offer lower-cost delivery. You are new to the game, you need something to set you apart, so people choose to purchase from you instead of others.  

When we provide a marketing overhaul of our clients current strategies we look at exactly what your competitors are doing right and help channel the same methods and strategies into your equipment hire E-commerce business.


Target locally and nationally 

With hire tools, free collection is now standard, which is great for local custom. This is where you need to focus immensely on local SEO and create local landing pages on your website to draw in those nearby customers.  

E-commerce of course, extends to the whole of  UK (or world depending on the product and business model). This means you need to solidify your strategy and courier method. You don’t just have one or two competitors here, you are competing with industry giants,  nationally. This is where we use a range of methods to drive sales organically and with paid advertising and promotion. We use a whole host of digital methods to help create traction to our client websites. We have also built websites with smart e-commerce functionalities as well as linking to courier booking systems.  


Decide if you will offer add-ons in addition to rentals? 

Insurance? Accessories that go with the equipment, like sandpaper with a sander? Or bags of cement with a cement mixer? Look at what you can source the cheapest and add a margin onto them. Trade customers may already have these products or their own insurance but private householders likely won’t. When you choose a digital marketing agency like us we can provide call-to-action buttons on your website that prompt users to add these extras to their basket. Our in-house copywriter can also write compelling copy on why they are necessary additions to the customer’s purchase.  


Build a brand with a ‘why’ 

Branding is important for any business even in plant and tool hire. We can help you define why you are different and ensure your message is threaded throughout your website, ads, marketing collateral, business materials, and social channels. We know the best ways you can humanize your business and remain consistent, so people become familiar with you and begin to recognize and associate your business as a brand that provides quality tools and equipment. 


Get the right team behind you 

Here at Tall Zebra, we have ample experience assisting construction industry clients with all types of digital marketing. If you need help or advice in starting your equipment hire E-commerce business, talk to us.