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7 reasons why your business needs WhatsApp for Business 

By 6th December 2022January 20th, 2023No Comments
7 reasons why your business needs Whatsapp for Business | Tall Zebra

As of 2021, WhatsApp had 2 billion users worldwide, this includes 30 million people in the UK – that’s over 40% of our population! It’s clearly a platform that people are familiar with and like. We think it’s super clever that it’s been adapted to work for businesses too. 

So, what is WhatsApp for Business you ask? If you aren’t familiar with it, WhatsApp for business has two offerings: one for smaller businesses, and the WhatsApp for Business API for larger businesses. 

It’s a separate app that connects to your business number so everything linked to your personal WhatsApp remains separate. The layout is practically the same as standard WhatsApp but has an additional section named ‘tools’ which is filled with lots of helpful business-related goodies! Here are 7 reasons why your business needs WhatsApp for Business: 


1. Stand out from the crowd  

By using WhatsApp for Business to communicate with clients, on a B2B or B2C basis, you provide something a little fresh. According to research from Forbes, consumers are 35x more likely to take note of a text from a brand as opposed to an email. This means you no longer have to appear spammy when sending out product or business updates and get accidentally pushed into customers’ junk folders. 

 2. It’s a mini marketing hub 

You can connect your social media marketing through Meta (Facebook and Instagram) to WhatsApp for Business and set up campaigns straight from the app. This is a great way to generate new business and speak directly with the customers you reach via your ads; this is particularly revolutionary if you have a service-based business where people will want to ask questions before they purchase. You can also connect it with QR codes on leaflets, posters and ads too.  

 3. It creates a deeper connection with your audience

WhatsApp is a personal environment that people use to speak to the people closest to them, by using WhatsApp for Business as a tool to communicate with your clients it serves as a familiar face to greet users. The use of a messaging channel like WhatsApp can give your brand a relaxed vibe, which can feel less daunting to customers or clients who are off put by having to reach out via email. This can help tear down walls that might otherwise get in the way of building a rapport with potential and current clients.   

 4. It cuts the corporate rubbish 

The app allows clients or potential clients to speak directly to another person within the business. Not only is WhatsApp for Business a great tool to have real and meaningful conversations with real people (although it can be automated at times that suit you), but it’s also ideal for customer service. If customers have an issue, query or a return, they don’t have to speak to robots or fill out forms and jump through hoops of fire just to have their issue resolved. It scraps the formalities, keeps things simple and is a great way of humanizing your business

5. It’s a great tool for all communication 

Not only can WhatsApp for business be used for consumers and clients, and to back up campaigns across other channels but it’s a great tool for communicating with suppliers, internal staff, designers and any other companies you work with. It’s particularly helpful for contacts overseas.  

 6. Catalogue advertising 

Just like regular WhatsApp, WhatsApp for Business allows you to send files, videos and images which you can use to promote your business. Additionally, it has a ‘catalog feature’ for e-commerce allowing you to have a catalogue in place of a storefront, as well as a cart feature that can be used to help customers start the ordering process. 

 7. WhatsApp for Business is kind of new to the UK

In the UK WhatsApp for business hasn’t fully taken off to the extent it has in countries like India and Brazil, meaning there is plenty of untapped potential for you to grow your business using the tool. 


If you still haven’t downloaded WA for Business yet, all we can say is…why not?


Speak to us if you’d like help setting up WhatsApp for Business and linking your marketing campaigns to the app.