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Graphic Design Trends for Businesses in 2023

By 12th December 2022February 6th, 2023No Comments

With the new year coming fast it’s time to discuss what we think will be the top graphic design trends 2023!

If you read our blog about 2022 graphic design trends, you’ll know that aesthetically pleasing branded content is everything to today’s visually-obsessed consumer.  

We’ve said before that the average person can be exposed to up to 10,000 adverts a day, which is why it is super important for you to stand out from the crowd! We’re graphic design experts and know that great branding is key to keeping you fresh in people’s minds. With that note here’s what we think will be the top graphic design trends in 2023!  


Custom type   

We discussed customised designs in our 2022 trends blog, we think this is going to go a step further in 2023.  

With most fonts readily available online, it can be easy for you to get lost amongst a sea of other businesses using the same or similar brand kit as you. Employing a designer to create custom fonts and a custom branding package can help you stand out from the crowd.


Goodbye greenwashing, hello sustainability   

If you’ve never heard of greenwashing, it essentially involves brands claiming that their products are environmentally friendly or have a positive impact on the environment when they in fact, do not.  

We’re already seeing an increase in sustainable packaging and marketing materials, in place of plastic. We think this will likely continue as a graphic design trend into 2023 as people, and brands, as a result, are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious. 

3D characters  

Iconic mascots have been growing brands for years, think along the lines of Betty Crocker (did you think she was real too?), the green giant and the Michelin man. By introducing a bespoke character, you can keep consistency across campaigns and once the character exists, they can be used over and over.  

Stepping into 2023 we expect that the use of 3D characters and graphics will not slow anytime soon, people use imagery to recognise brands and having a mascot can only help with recognition. 

Graphic Design trends 2023

Humanising your aesthetic  

It’s great to display your graphics and keep up with graphic design trends, but a website full of design with no sign of real human life can be a bit off-putting. We predict 2023 will be about balance, where you can display your talents in an aesthetically pleasing way but also showcase your staff too. Show off your team vibes and make it obvious who’s behind your brand. People might relate to you, and your team which could win you business.  

Next year is about dropping the corporate mask and being realistic, people buy from people after all!  



Closely related to minimalism, critics have been known to call the style ‘monstrous’, although this is mainly in reference to brutalist architecture which we’re not fans of either. In a graphic design context, it emphasises monochromatic raw materials (think concrete or copper) with repetitive modular designs, with an emphasis on function, not fashion.   

Lots of brutalist designs utilise movement too. It’s visually striking, which means it makes your business memorable. It’s a great trend to take on board to make your company stand out in a sea of basic copy and pasted Canva designs.   


Chaotic maximalism

Sorry if you’re not a fan of this, but we love that there’s been a shift from millennial lead minimalism. Gen-Z craves chaos and stimulation, which can’t be fulfilled with minimalist designs, by using crazy clashing colourways, warped fonts and shapes and different textures to create a psychedelic feeling.  

It certainly isn’t for every business but for something niche, for example, a fashion business or events company who are geared largely towards Gen Z consumers, maximalism is great. Be warned, the style has been known to create a divide with some people hating it and some people loving it, remember just because you like the look of it doesn’t mean your customers will!  


If you’d like a chat with us about graphic design trends to keep your business fresh in 2023, get in touch!