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How AI is changing the game for copywriters

By 17th February 2023March 20th, 2023No Comments
How AI is changing the game for copywriters

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a constantly evolving technology, transforming the way businesses can operate in many areas, including copywriting. AI is transforming the way copywriters work and can be used to improve their productivity and creativity. 


Here are just a few ways that AI assists us as copywriters:


Writing Assistance (spelling and grammar checks)  

One of the most significant ways AI can help copywriters is by providing writing help. AI-powered tools (Grammarly and Microsoft word editor) can help copywriters improve the quality of their writing. These tools can also suggest different, better words and phrases, cutting down editing time significantly.  


Content ideas 

In general, AI-generated content offers opportunities. It allows copywriters to create the basis for a piece of keyword-rich content with ease. The days of spending hours at a time producing content ideas are long gone. AI can provide a steady stream of ideas, making it much easier and quicker for copywriters and content marketers alike to produce content faster than they could before.  

how can AI help copywriters

Personalizing content 

AI algorithms can look at and analyse consumer data, like search history and personal preferences. This can help create content relevant to individual users, massively boosting user experience and conversions.  



One of the biggest struggles for copywriters is sourcing imagery. Stock photos have become tired and obvious looking. AI is the perfect way for content writers to generate images that directly relate to the subject of their blog or social post.



AI can be used to give copywriters a better understanding of what works for their target audience. They can analyze data from the previous content, and use insights into topics and formats to determine what else users may like.  


AI is changing not only the way copywriters work but businesses in general too. It has the potential to improve the quality of work, creativity, and productivity too by helping to create content that is both personalised and engaging. It can drive amazing results. 


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