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Rebrand vs Brand Refresh – which is right for your brand

By 10th March 2023March 20th, 2023No Comments
Rebrand vs Refresh


So, what’s the difference between a rebrand, and a brand refresh? 

We’ve discussed rebranding before, but the line between a rebrand and brand refresh is often blurred. 

When clients reach out to us about branding projects, they will occasionally have an idea of how their new assets will look. However, its common for us to receive open briefs whereby clients trust us as the experts. 

Back to the question at hand, What’s the difference between a rebrand and a brand refresh? 

To put it simply, a rebrand is a way to reinvent a business, from the very beginning, sending it off in a different direction. Whereas a refresh is switching up specific elements such as the logo, to freshen and modernise the brand – maintaining the core identity of the brand. 

‘All rebrands are refreshes. But not all refreshes are rebrands.’ – Cody Fague 


Rebrands can include: 

  • A totally new logo 
  • A new brand personality 
  • New content to serve a new market 

A rebrand is needed if you want your brand to tell a new story, shift your messaging and change your audience. When rebranding, we can help you to consider your long-term vision, positioning strategies, and brand perception.  

By noting the brand strategy in depth, we can determine brand identity, and create a totally new brand package to help you showcase your business to the world. 

A great example of a rebrand is Facebook’s change to Meta, a total shift in brand identity made sense following the acquisition of Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger, Oculus, Giphy plus many more into the metaverse

Brand refreshes can include:  

A refresh is more of a fresh lick of paint, keeping most elements of your brand and updating them to build on your existing brand identity. Refreshes are usually more just to stay relevant, sharpening up your current messaging and visuals to keep reflecting customers.  

MasterCard underwent a brand refresh in 2019 when it modernised its logo, removing its name from underneath. The overlapping circles were kept maintaining brand awareness and impact, proving sometimes less is more.  


 If you’d like a chat with us about a rebrand or a brand refresh or an overhaul then get in touch, we’re always up for a challenge.